Update 5 26 2016I m not sure why people are getting so pissy over this review, but I mthan happy to block nasty little trolls and be done with it I don t have time to sit here and babysit this review Not every book is going to be liked by everyone Grow up and get over it I m already pissed off that there was an author on this thread trying to tell me that I m wrong.
DNF 10%I was enjoying this one a bit But theI read, the angrier I was becoming This is a LOT of fat shaming in the disguise as a sci fi novel The MC goes on how much overweight people costs the government in healthcare, and things are just so much simpler if they just got rid of all the fat Exercise and diet are brought in to fix this The book does NOT acknowledge YA Suspense I m impressed Okay, first off, full disclosure The author is a friend of mine in real life, although, I did meet her on GR first It s funny, I ve had many people confuse me with my identical twin over the years, but that usually happens in person Carol met my twin, then, one day, saw my pic in GR and figured out who I was First time that s ever happened You, my friends, know that I am not here for the benefit of the authors If a book is subpar, I ll tell you If I was a professor, I d be the one everyone avoids, for fear I ll ruin their GPA Knowing this, I ve been avoiding Carol s book I was dreading having to write a poor review Thank goodness, I needn t have worried What a fascinating book I found the plot to be completely original, and, evenexciting, there were twists and turns I never anticipated I was immediately drawn into the story, not just the characters, but t

I wrote this book and it s my baby, so how can I give it any less than 5 stars I ve had awesome fun writing it, along with some hair pulling and tooth gnashing moments It has evolved fromcontemporary beginnings into science fiction, had the ending majorly changed at least 3 times, and taken a long and winding road to its birth I m proud of finishing and publishing this as my debut novel Many heartfelt thanks to my agent, critique partners, and the team at Entangled Teen for helping me make this into a book for others to read.
I got to read this book a bit early, and I absolutely loved it From relatable characters, to delectable writing, to a stellar plot, The Body Institute has it all If you like smart YA with the perfect touch of romance, you ll love this book ï The Body Institute Õ First I have to say that I would love to be in another body and change it I would love to be someone else who does not have a busy life I would love to lose all the weight and be toner than I am but I am not sure I would want to pay the price for having all those changes.
Morgan Dey is one of the top ten Reducers at The Body Institute She takes over another girls body and changes her body by getting it in shape and then she returns to her own body where she resumes her reducer life This seems like the life right well here are the downs to doing this She will not remember her loaner body She won t remember the Reducer she met and flirt with and she won t remember the new friend she made Matt.
To make matters This is wonderful and scary and beautiful and thought provoking LOVED it 3 1 2 stars, really I am just mean today And it s captivating I ve read it in two evenings, which is unusual for me, as I am a slow reader.
What I did not like it has an uneven pace sometimes rushes, sometimes drags, and a bit too direct message With the last bit, I am not sure if it s just my perception, because I ve found that some folks managed to misread that message ok, they dnf, but For me it was pretty obvious at 2% into the novel, I think and even post a rant review here.
But for me, it felt like the author had an agenda in mind we have the right to decide how we want to look to live to die and spent too much effort on pushing it And while I 100% agree with the idea, it gets a little tedious.
What I did like writing, aka Morgan s voice she indeed felt as a smart, opinionated, passionate teen Sometimes it was as if I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewUnique urban sci fi with a very intriguing premise.
I was hooked the moment I read the blurb The idea of uploading someone s mind into another s body is fascinating it also has the implications for so much abuse For main character Morgan, what she originally saw as a dream job turned into something all together different.
I liked Morgan She was opinionated, and her opinions about weight and body image were made known throughout the story, especially at the beginning As she experienced life through her obese loaner body, she began to realize how awful being overweight in a weight obsessed society could be She stepped up when it mattered and did what she thought was right, and Are We Our Minds Or Our Bodies Meet Morgan Dey, One Of The Top Teen Reducers At The Body InstituteThanks To Cutting Edge Technology, Morgan Can Temporarily Take Over Another Girl S Body, Get Her In Shape, And Then Return To Her Own Body Leaving Her Client Slimmer, Toned, And Feeling Great Only There Are A Few Catches For One, Morgan Won T Remember What Happens In Her Loaner Body Once She S Done, She Won T Recall Walks With Her New Friend Download Epub Format ✓ The Body Institute PDF by ☆ Carol Riggs Matt, Conversations With The Super Cute Reducer She S Been Text Flirting With, Or The Uneasy Feeling She Has That The Director Of The Body Institute Is Hiding Something Still, It S All Worth It In The Name Of Science Until The Glitches Start Suddenly, Residual Memories From Her Loaner Are Cropping Up In Morgan S Mind She S Feeling Less Like Herself And Like Someone Else And When Protests From An Anti Body Institute Organization Threaten Her Safety, She Ll Have To Decide If Being A Reducer Is Worth The Cost Of Her Body And Soul The premise of The Body Institute sounded very interesting to me, similar to Starters which was a great book but with the weight loss twist Unfortunately it didn t live up to its potential It was a good book but with such an interesting subject, it could ve been much better I had trouble connecting with the main character, Morgan For some reason I just couldn t relate to her and the way she spoke When a book is written in first person, I feel like I really need to like that character s voice because that s our narrator for the whole story And when I don t, it becomes a problem for me and it hinders my enjoyment of the book Nevertheless, I kept on reading in order to find out what the big conspiracy was, because in this kind of setting you KNOW there is some kind of conspiracy behind the body swapping However, this also felt quite anticlima

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