A Captivating Novel From The Bestselling Author Of The Story Of Arthur Truluv, A Group Of Women In Mason, Missouri Discover That Best Friends Are Made By Sharing SecretsIt All Started As A Supper Club, A Group Gathering Monthly To Share Homemade Dinners, Until The Night One Woman Made A Startling Revelation After That, The Confession Club Decided To Meet Weekly To Feast Not Only On Dinner, But On Admissions Of Misdeeds, Embarrassments, And Download Epub Format ☆ The Confession Club PDF by ✓ Elizabeth Berg Insecurities When Iris Winters And Maddy Harris Are Invited To The Club, They Find That It S Just What Each Of Them Needs Iris Hasn T Yet Told Anyone About The Unlikely Man Who Has Captured Her Attention, And Maddy Has Come Back Home To Escape A Problem Too Big For Her To Confront The Confession Club Is A Heartwarming And Illuminating Book About Women, Friendship, And How Sharing The Secrets We Re Afraid Of Revealing Can Actually Bring Us Closer The Confession Club is the third book in Elizabeth Berg s Mason series, and hopefully not the last Though this book can be read as a stand alone novel, I do suggest reading the other two books first, as they add depth to the characters and to the story It is a quick read and is a perfect way to spend a chilly, rainy afternoon inside.
In a nutshell, The Confession Club is about a group of women who meet monthly, in a manner similar to a book club However, instead of discussing a book, each month one of the women shares a personal story that she feels the needs to confess The other women do not judge the storyteller for her sin, but rather comfort and support her Dovetailed with the stories of The Confession Club is the plot line of Iris, who teaches THREE, it s good but not dramatic, heartbreaking, tear jerker, ugly crier or so memorable kind of story, I was expecting something moving, shaking, captivating but I think this is too sweet, soft and fast reading for me STARS I think I m having a bad day as a grader Lately I read five starred books so my likeness level reached to the top With the fascinating and mind bending releases of this month, my expectation level and satisfaction levels pushed up and hit the ceiling As soon as I saw the name Elizabeth Berg, the author of The Story of Arthur Truluv , I clicked the request button and next day I miraculously saw the book on my shelf, felt like NetGalley genies left their bottles to make my wish come true I literally danced as a celebration I have never been delightful so long from since I had seen my husband s pale face when I d o

This is a type of book I don t usually read but Elizabeth Berg s The Story of Arthur Truluv was pressed upon me by a lot of people like stones were pressed upon Giles Corey Just the name Truluv broke my cute meter But unlike poor Giles, I was left smiling I was pleasantly surprised I really liked it I gave it four stars and noted that while Berg s writing is so simple it reads like a primer, the characters are loveable and it s a quick and satisfying read This is 3 in the series she began with Truluv but it s not necessary to have read the other two, although if you re going to pick one, pick 1 This book is simple and sweet and there are fond reminders of Truluv and Lucille The women of The Confession Club are kind and well mea There s a certain type of story or book that I classify as a Good Housekeeping tale This moniker comes from my childhood, when I would read stories from my mother s magazines such as Redbook and Good Housekeeping I haven t read either of those magazines in many years, so what I remember from way, WAY back then may not still hold true, but this is my memory Redbook stories were often edgy, with subjects and endings that didn t conform to a set pattern, and although certainly not what I would call risqu , the themes were definitely adult I loved them Good Housekeeping stories, on the other hand, were usually much predictable The stories were mostly wholesome, romantic, boy meets girl tales, with tied up in a neat little bow endings Entertaining enough, but a little boring and often sweet enough to set your teeth on edge Can you tell where

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