The Third Book Of This Critically Acclaimed Series, Sherlock Holmes Daughter Faces A New Unsolvable Mystery With Spies And A Threat To The Crown Joanna And The Watsons Receive An Unexpected Visitor To B Baker Street During A Nocturnal Storm A Rain Drenched Dr Alexander Verner Arrives With A Most Harrowing TaleVerner Has Just Returned From An Unsettling Trip To See A Patient Who He Believes Is Being Held Against His Will Joanna Quickly Realizes That Verner S Download Epub Format ↠´ The Disappearance of Alistair Ainsworth (The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries #3) PDF by » Leonard Goldberg Patient Is A High Ranking Englishman Who The Germans Have Taken Captive To Pry Vital Information About England S Military Strategies For The Great War The Man Is Revealed To Be Alistair Ainsworth, A Cryptographer Involved In The Highest Level Of National SecurityThe Police Are Frantic To Find Ainsworth Before The Germans Can Use Him To Decode All Of England S Undeciphered Messages Ainsworth Must Be Found At All Costs And Joanna And The Watsons Might Be The Only Ones Who Can Connect The Clues To Find Him USA Today Bestselling Author Leonard Goldberg Returns With Another Puzzling Case For The Daughter Of Sherlock Holmes To Unravel In This Exciting Mystery Sure To Be Enjoyed By Fans Of Sherlock Holmes Joanna Blalock returns in the third and final installment of the Daughter of Sherlock Holmes trilogy to solve her most challenging and arguably most important mystery yet A physician colleague of her father in law, the one and only Watson, has just made a most disturbing house call After being taken to an undisclosed location to evaluate a man with abdominal pain, he has become convinced that his patient is actually a prisoner In The Disappearance of Alistair Ainsworth, Joanna must not only figure out who was kidnapped, but why, how, and where It is only when armed with all this knowledge that she can put together the pieces of a puzzle that, if unsolved, threatens to compromise Britain s position in The Great War Alistair Ainsworth is a top cryptographer in the British government He has been kidnapped by the Germans because of his important role in the Tense and diverting A thoroughly mezmerizing chase that piles fact upon fact with Sherlock Holme s daughter Joanne smoking Turkish cigarettes and deducing information from both what is present and what is not.
The aside factor of her son Johnny coming home from Eton declaring that he only needs a home tutor is something Joanne handles beautifully And of course there are tentacles attached to the current case that see Johnny coming home.
It s November 1915 An awfully clever, high ranking codebreaker, has gone missing and as Joanne, her now husband John Watson, and her father in law, Dr Watson go on the hunt the bodies pile up Joanne deduces that Alistair Ainsworth, was not taken prisoner in his workplace, but somewhere outside the agency, preferably in a secluded location where no one could see the capture or hear his cry

This latest in the Daughter of Sherlock Holmes series is a fast paced, London fog filled whodunnit I enjoyed it immensely Sherlock is dead, but Watson, his son, and Holmes daughter Joanna are carrying on the tradition It is November 1915, and the Germans have abducted one of Britains pre eminent code breakers Its a race to find him before he is broken , and the traitors in the British Government need to be sniffed out in the process I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.
This book opens in November 1915 in London a year before WWI ends There are three people, two men and a woman, sheltered from a raging storm outside when a man comes calling at 221B Baker Street to report that a man has been kidnapped and his life is in danger The kidnapped man, it turns out, is a highly place cryptologist for the government and is in possession of many state secrets that must remain secret The three people to whom the man has told this kidnapping story, Joanna, daughter of Sherlock Holmes, Dr Watson himself, and Dr Watson s son, husband of Joanna, agree to take the case, and the game is, as they say, afoot.
The book is told from the point of view of Dr Watson s son, whose name we never learn It takes a while for the author to reveal the identity of the woman who has a voice in the earl

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