Posted on Romancing the Book s blogReviewed by JenReview Copy Provided by the PublisherThis wasn t a bad book Just short In fact, I was enjoying the interaction between Vanessa and Northbridge until all of the sudden they were declaring their love for each other and the story was over It could have easily been expanded out to provide asatisfying story But for me, it ended and my first thought was that s it.
That said, I did like Ms D Ansey s writing style and story telling abilities She drew me in, but just left me wantingI would be interested in reading another book by her, provided it was a little fuller in substance and pages.
Such a sweet tale You can t help but empathise with the down at heel lady reduced to taking a bath in her kitchen, and caught there by the handsome duke next door as he barges in to propose marriage.
Historicals with feisty heroines are always a pleasure to read, and this story features something deeper as well the ties of a connection forged in childhood, which lead the reader to hope forthan just a passing encounter between hero and heroine D Ansey delivers, with impeccable timing.
Also, I learned something new I wondered if the duke s Gadzooks was anachronistic, and was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the earliest quotations in the Oxford English Dictionary comes from Dickens Nicholas Nickleby I love it when stories lead toLooking forward to exploring other works by this author Deniz, The One Hundred Romances Pr Reviewed By BlackTulip for Booked UpI was rather unsure about this book because it is a very short story But at the end I had no doubts any, I liked it a lot.
Vanessa Fitzwilliam was used to a carefree life, never really thinking about the consequences of her actions She was often impetuous which is not something a young lady should show the world.
After the sudden death of her father she finds herself in an impossible predicament She needs to marry if she doesn t want to lose her home, but she will not accept just anyone So she is left with a decaying manor, a few remaining servants and no money From the very first moment Vanessa and the Duke of Northbridge meet, you are able to feel a very palpable tension building When I think about them, I can see two fencers crossing swords.
Vanessa is a very lively and headstrong young woman but she s not callous, she knows that she ↠´ The Dukes Blackmailed Bride ↠´ I probably would have enjoyed thishad it been longer As it was, it readlike a book proposal The characters weren t too bad, but could have been givendepth As far as the setting goes, especially in historical novels, I likeof a feel for the period Perhaps Ms D Ansey could do a fleshed out re write.

Vanessa s father died leaving her with a lot of debt But the arrogant Duke of Northbridge comes back from war and proposes to her It was a cute, quick story I can t say too much without giving away the story because it was so short There isn t a whole lot I feel I can talk about But it was a nice easy read for the Thanksgiving holiday I enjoyed it.
Not a bad little short story.
for book lovers and readers.
BRIEF SUMMARYVanessa is left in a bad situation After her father s death, it left her with a rundown manor and employees depending on her Northbridge enters her life and offers her a proposal that will blackmail her into marriage.
THOUGHTSI liked this story and think the concept of blackmail always makes a good read The story had simplicity to it with your typical storyline, but you still couldn t help but to keep reading as I found the story to be cute and sweet Vanessa has a scandalous reputation she also has to deal with her father s death and the problems his death as left behind Northbridge was your demanding hero with a sweet heart, as all becomes clear in the end of his intentions Their first meeting perked me up a bit, as I found it inter Fitzwilliam Is In Dire Straits Her Father S Death A Year Ago Left Her With A Crumbling Manor And A Handful Of Old Retainers Relying On Her For Support When The Duke Of Northbridge Sweeps Into Her Life With A Surprise Proposal, Vanessa Is Tempted But The Arrogant Duke Believes Her To Be Something She S NotHardened By The Ravages Of War, Northbridge Seeks A Wife Who Will Provide Him With An Heir But Make No [Leigh D'Ansey] å The Dukes Blackmailed Bride [zombies PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Demands On His Emotions The Scandalously Experienced Vanessa, Neither Clinging Nor Innocent, Seems The Perfect Choice But Northbridge Isn T Prepared For Her Reluctance To Accept Him, Or His Own Fierce Reaction To Her BeautyTo Fulfill His Desires, Northbridge Is Prepared To Be Ruthless, But Can He Bend Vanessa To His Will Or Has The Duke Met His Match

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