Lowe S Childhood Was Outwardly Idyllic He Was Part Of A Large, Loving Family And Lived Comfortably On The Norfolk Coast Yet, Unnoticed By His Parents And Peers, He Was Being Abused By A Young Man Who Had Been Welcomed Into The Family Fold In The Guise Of The Perfect Family Friend Jeremy Was Intelligent, Artistic, And Fantastic With Children A Real Life Peter Pan, He Was Loved By The Children And Trusted By The Adults He Was Particularly Fond Of Matt And Would Organize Outings And Treats  read ↠´ The Family Friend by Matt Lowe  Every Weekend, Just For The Two Of Them But From The Start The Relationship Had A Sinister Side One That Matt Instinctively Knew Must Remain Hidden Written With Heart Wrenching Candor, Matt S Story Is An Unusually Insightful And Moving Account Of How One Small Boy Endured Many Years Of Sexual And Psychological Abuse And How, Without Realizing, Those Closest To Him Allowed It To Happen

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