It is an exceptional book!
Here you will find all the information you need to be a very attractive man! Women will be attracted to you if you apply the basic things in The Flow!
The best money spent in 2019 was to buy this book.

I am a different man now ! This ebook is excellent.
Nothing else I've found online or in bookstores explains attraction and picking up women quite like this.
It was so easy to understand and when I used some of the techniques on women it worked immediately because it's about being natural and confident in a relaxed way.
I have been getting numbers, sex and girls following up with me for more.
Nothing compares to this.
It works.
Flow Is A Simple, Step By Step Process To Attract A Woman For Sex Or A Relationship It's Natural, Very Easy To Do And It Works On All Kinds Of Women Get A Copy Here:
read Online The Flow Ù apple PDF ] by Dan Bacon º Href="themodernmanblogtheflowebookml">themodernmanblogthe If you want a book that teaches you everything you need to know about how to pick up women this is the book for you.
After reading just half of the book, I already felt that I could get any women out there.
Dan doesn't just teach you what to say and do but also gets you into a mindset that sets you up for success.
I was always someone who thought that everyone around me knew how to talk to and attract women and that I was the odd one out but after reading the ebook I find myself to be the one that has that skill.
After reading the book I found myself being able to attract women before I even got into a conversation with them because I was so confident in my skills the women were able to see my confidence.
If you're a guy that struggles with attracting women and getting them into a relationship, I promise you, if you read and execute t Amazing book! Worth every penny, would definitely recommend it to anyone struggling in this area of their life.
I am now more confident around women and now have my choice.
The Flow is awesome.
I always struggled to understand women and what they wanted, but this book cleared all that up for me.
I got a girlfriend almost immediately after finishing reading it.
The techniques are super easy to use and they work.
¾ The Flow Ü This book is incredibly well structured.
The attraction methods such as confidence, charisma and playfully arrogant humor are not only techniques that can spark attraction in any girl, but are also techniques you can use in other areas of life such as making friends.

One coworker has developed the hots for me due to the use of these techniques.
This is a must read.
It changed my life with women.
I get more hot women than good looking guys now.
This is real and it works.

Excellent book! It covers everything you need about what to say and how to be confident as you go through a natural pick up.
I went from not being able to get a girlfriend to having options with at least six women that I met over the space of a week and a half.
I bedded three of them! The other three I lost interest in but its nice to have this power and choice now.
I'm kind of in a relationship with one of the women I met but I still want to enjoy my freedom for a while so I am not willing to commit to her.
I feel like I want to have a few more sexual hook ups before I get into a serious relationship.
It's very exciting to have this power and choice and I have to thank Dan and his book The Flow because if it weren't for him I'd still be looking at porn every week.
If any guy reads this who needs help with w If there ever will be a Nobel prize for love or relationships, Dan Bacon would get it.

The stuff that he talks about just works!

My little success story :
At the beginning of 2017 my exgirlfriend broke up with me after 2,5 years of realtionship.
Since then (almost 3 years) I wasn't able to get a girlfriend nor get laid.
I just forgot how to talk to girls and make them attracted.
I started to feel depressed and lonely.
Then I stumbled upon Dan's YouTube videos and after watching few I went ahead and purchased The Flow on audio.

After listening to it twice my whole life, thinking and approaching PEOPLE (not only girls) in general changed!
I managed to get a phone number and a kiss from a randon girl in shopping mall.
Man, it really takes just 12 minutes of talking! After couple

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