Many of book have been written on the subject this book clearly stands out As a data professional I find it to be one of the most accurate overview of the present of AI and realistic non fatalistic projection in the near future I ve recommended it to many in my network especially for the business background and MBA type it is very relevant and absolutely accessible amazing intuitive explanation of backprop or supervise learning I own a kindle and ordered a paperback at work Amazing work, thanks PS To all the negative comments arguing that this book is just a collection of quotes, I say that is exactly what I am looking for in this book I want to have a clear picture of AI without the time or energy to do the research myself If you are not an AI expert and looking for to have an overview of the subject and where we are h This book is terrible It reads like someone took the notes they d copied and pasted from online sources in preparation for this book, and then just decided the notes were the book and published as is It s hard to read, hard to identify a clear, coherent idea in any paragraph, section, or chapter, and hard to imagine what I m getting from this that s any different than spending the time I ve spent trying to read just googling the topics one by one instead A jumble of cut and paste Truly awful and I wish I had my money and time back.

This book seemed like an interesting read, but it s not worth your time and money.
While it appears scientific, it lack proper references, evidence and, honestly, proof reading It s full of formatting and spelling mistakes The content mixes results of studies that are rarely ever referenced with religious ideas in the sense of AI cannot compete with humans because it misses the divine spark of life that god put into you and some random facts collected from unknown sources.
Cannot recommend.
Very interessing book Well, I thought I understood AI and ML Before even reaching the half way point in the book, I was immediately confronted with the fact that my understanding of this field was about as poor as Jamie Dimon s understanding of bitcoin Brigette Hyacinth has created a well written, very easy to understand book that takes a true educator s approach to teaching AI Her chapter on Fintech, a topic I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in, is immediately up to date and accurate, demonstrating a deep understanding of this rapidly emerging field as well Many times I had to recheck the publication date as her information seemed as fresh as the material in the news just yesterday and in my classes this past few weeks I encourage anyone who plans to be around five years from now to read this book and then plan to learn and to prepare for the fu The Future of Leadership is a cautionary tale of finding the balance between accepting the rise of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence, and remaining human Using our moral compass, the book portends, we can navigate this fourth industrial revolution with aplomb The caution within stresses misguided novelties and the ever present profit before people may be a self fulfilling prophecy of fearing this new digital world, and that unchecked, it just may take over.
However, it is Brigette s easy to read, large print font, broken up by bullet points and graphics that also makes this book a great guide for future leaders Not only is it well researched, it also provides actionable tasks that can be accomplished by every one of us the leaders of our own lives as it were Recommended reading for those in leadership positions, those seeking leadership positions, · The Future of Leadership: Rise of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (English Edition) ¸ I couldn t finish this book Section 2 seemed out of place I think the author was trying to explain the effects of AI on society after explaining the technology in section 1 But I feel she talked too much about leadership, ethics, decision making, and other topics that are books in themselves If I wanted to read about those topics, I would have bought other books on them.
Wow I really love this book It talks about all the things I heard about in science fiction movies as a kid The author covers many areas of artificial intelligence an how it is being used now and in the future Reminds me of the movie Terminator One of my favorites This is a must read for anyone who likes science that is not fiction.
Artificial Intelligence AI Our Greatest Existential Threat Will AI Take Your Job Is Privacy Dead Is Universal Basic Income A Viable Strategy Or Just A Temporary Bandage Will AI Solve All Our Problems Will It Make Us Happier We Cant Put The Genie Back In The Bottle Once Its Out If We Don T Candidly Answer The Pertinent Questions, We Will Only Paint A False PictureWe Are Standing At A Crucial And Pivotal Point In History Its Time For Diversity In AI This Download Epub Format à The Future of Leadership: Rise of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (English Edition) PDF by å Brigette Tasha Hyacinth Unprecedented Technology Will Affect Society As A Whole And We Need Individuals From Diverse Disciplines And Backgrounds To Join The Discussion The Issues Surrounding AI Cant Be Left To A Small Group Of Scientists, Technologists Or Business Executives To Address Our Future And Our Children S Future Are At StakeMore Than Ever, We Need Leaders Who Will Stand On Integrity And Who Will Put People FirstDo You Want To Take A Glimpse Into The Future Of Leadership The Future Of Leadership Rise Of Automation, Robotics And Artificial Intelligence Offers The Most Comprehensive View Of What Is Taking Place In The World Of AI And Emerging Technologies, And Gives Valuable Insights That Will Allow You To Successfully Navigate The Tsunami Of Technology That Is Coming Our Way

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