Copyright 1998Number of Pages 32Book format paperbackReading Level PreK K GR Level IGenre FictionLit Requirement Traditional Literature 3This is a fairy tale told by Jim Aylesworth An elderly couple decides to bake a gingerbread man They put him into the oven, but when they open it The Gingerbread Man jumps out and runs out the house He then says the famous line, Run Run Fast as you can You can t catch me I m The Gingerbread Man He ran away from home with the couple chasing him He then ran by a butcher and he replied with the same line as before He ran by a cow and a pig as well and eventually they were all chasing him He then ran into a fox and he yelled the same line as before but the fox replied that he could not hear him The Gingerbread Man yelled his famous line and leaned by his ear The fox grabbed him and ate him and that was the end of the story I found this story Who doesn t love a classic like the tale of the mischievous gingerbread and the havoc he causes among the people around him This beloved picture book though it could as go under the classification of folklore is appropriate for children as young as three and as old as eight though I think someone of any age could still enjoy the story Many renditions have been made of the tale, but this one written by Jim Aylesworth happens to be a favorite of mine The rhyming schemes and expressive language implemented, alongside the colorful illustrations, bring the story to life I enjoy that this book has the potential to be implemented in many lesson plans and actives in the classroom and has the potential to allow readers to explore the history and different stories related to it If you re looking for a fun read, explore this on This has never been one of my favorite stories Consequently, I didn t have a copy of the story on my shelves and I haven t read this to any of the kids Not good So today I found this book, illustrated by McClintock It s a faithful retelling with clear, clean, and interesting art, but I still don t care for the tale It s so cannibalistic But the gingerbread boy is asking for trouble with his constant taunts According to McClintock, The Gingerbread Man was baked in an old fashioned stove The old couple who cooked him are obviously skilled If I tried cooking a giant cookie in our old stove, I m sure there would be at least a few burnt spots on the edges.
This classic tale of The Gingerbread Man is illustrated using watercolor, sepia ink, and gouache The repetitive refrain of the fleeing gingerbread man is an excellent way to engage children in storytelling Whether used as a bedtime story, a classroom read aloud, or as reader s theater this story is a favorite Ü The Gingerbread Man Ü This version of this classic, traditional story is fun to read aloud as it rhymes beautifully and lends to choral reading the repeat phrase as you go It s reading level is fairly easy for lower elementary, but it would be a fun version to compare to others for the 2nd grade MN ELA standard of comparing different versions of the same story In the version I remember as a child, he gets away, but in this version he trusts a fox and gets eaten Other than that, it is the typical traditional version of running around town evading people and taunting them as he goes It s a fun book, decent pictures.

I loved this tale as a child, and this is an excellent version, but I do find the ending rather upsetting,so than I did as a child I liked gingerbread men cookies back then and I wasn t a vegan either, so maybe that has something to do with it, or perhaps it s my overly developed adulthood intruding I still enjoyed this tale, and it s a perfect read aloud book.
I like the nice touch of having a gingerbread cookies recipe in the back of the book.
Barbara McClintock s illustrations are always wonderful and Jim Aylesworth has written an interesting version of the story.
This classic has many characters and settings This book is a fun read and it would be ideal to use it when learning about the parts of a story, beginning, middle, and end, characters, plot, summary, setting, etc.
This book is very FUNNY.
Children and adults would like it too.
You should read this book.
Ok So there s a reason that I purchased this book besides the fact that I loved the story as a kid I have a child in my class Elijah and he is one of those wild and crazy kids with lots of energy that always makes you crack up So, he runs away from the kids, who aren t as fast as he is, yelling Run run as fast as you can You can t catch me, I m The Gingerbread Man This is every day on the playground and we would all laugh and it would be repeated throughout center time So, a couple of weeks ago, I was trying to stop myself from becoming frustrated while perusing the book tables at Garden Ridge and came across a really nice version of the book and decided to purchase it The kids laugh and laugh every time we read it and most of them have it memorized by now.
Ok so we all know the story no one can catch him after he escapes from the oven until h A Freshly Baked Gingerbread Man Escapes When He Is Taken Out Of The Oven And Eludes A Number Of Pursuers Until He Meets A Clever Fox Publisher S Note A New Rendition Of A Beloved Classic Concisely Written Text And A Jazzy RefrainYou May Have Other Versions On Your Shelves Make Lots Of Room For Copies Of This One The Bulletin Of The Center For Childrens books, Starred Review An Irresistible Retelling Of A Beloved Classic Is Accompanied By Whimsical Animal Images [Jim Aylesworth] ß The Gingerbread Man [fat-acceptance PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ And A Recipe For Gingerbread Cookies, In A Rollicking Picture Book By An Award Winning Author And Illustrator In This Irresistible Retelling, The Gingerbread Man Taunts A Crowd Of Hungry Cookie Lovers Children Enjoy Chiming In With Aylesworth S Charming, Rollicking Refrains, Accompanied By Whimsical Animal Images And A Delicious Recipe For Gingerbread Men Full Color

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