Would You Do If There Weren T Any Consequences After Twenty Years On The Force, Detective Chief Inspector Jack Logan Thinks He Has Seen It AllHe Is WrongWhen A Nurse Is Murdered On Her Way Home From Nightshift, Jack And His Team Go On The Hunt For Her KillerAs Victims Are Uncovered, Jack Finds Himself Tracking A Murderer Afflicted By A Unique Psychosis One That Leaves Him Free To Maim And Kill Without A Shred Of RemorseFacing A New Type Of Killer In An ☆ The Killing Code: A Scottish Crime Thriller (DCI Logan Crime Thrillers Book 3) · Download by ↠´ JD Kirk Unfamiliar City, DCI Jack Logan Is About To Be Pushed To His Limits, Before Being Forced To Realise Just How Little He Truly KnowsThe Killing Code Is The Third DCI Jack Logan Crime Thriller, And Perfect For Fans Of Ian Rankin, Chris Brookmyre, And LJ Ross As has been said before, JD Kirk is going from strength to strength Always a good sig when you have figured out whodunnit, the hero knows who dunnit then you can t switch the light off until the Polis win the day.
just Phew, what a roller coaster and at the end.
just a teeny hook for the next in the seriesa real cracker of a book, highly recommended We meet DCI Jack Logan his team again this time on the hunt for a killer with a twisted motive The team work through clues suspects to get closer to finding this brutal killer attacking women We have snippets of the personal lives of Jack his team, Jack gives little away there s no mention of his daughter in this story With a budding romance twists and turns and climatic final chapters it s another well written story.
This crime thriller follows on from the previous novels Once again the author blends the lives of individuals and police work well.
The dialect speech worked well for me, making each person real and distinct.
A great read ↠´ The Killing Code: A Scottish Crime Thriller (DCI Logan Crime Thrillers Book 3) ¾ Third in the series and maintains an excellent standard Very good characterisation and convincing police procedural Highly recommended.
Just recently I have read nuerous British detective books , I have just finished reading the forst three J.
Kirk books and I eally enjoyed them getting to know Logan and his team and all their mishaps but the big difference between these stories and most other British detective stories is the dry wit and sometimes laugh out loud humour I shall certainly ook out for stories from this author If you click on the link at the end of the stories you can view where some of the action actually takes place.
Love this series Love the camaraderie and the banter between the main bunch of characters Love Logan, and is it just me sensing some deeper, as yet, undiscovered feelings between himself and a certain young lady Yes, no, delusional I look forward to finding out fingers crossed Next book is already on my pre order list.
read in October 2019I love this series and have pre ordered the next as soon as I finished DCI Logan is a strong forceful man but is very loyal to his friends and great at his job The team work relentlessly to try and find a serial killer with links to the hospital The killer believes we re all part of a game so killing isn t real and everything is fake A great suspense thriller and an ending that makes you want to know what happens next and who is after Logan

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