In The Enchanting World Of The Courtesans, Beautiful, Intelligent And Outspoken Catalina Cosme Has Her Pick Of Any Man The City Offers But No Man Has Ever Captured Her Interest Until She Lays Eyes On Father Benedict Mortimer Determined To Prove That Even Holy Men Can Fall, Benedict Becomes Her Greatest Challenge YetThe Former Pupil Of A Grand Inquisitor, Roman Catholic Priest Father Benedict Mortimer Was Once The Worst Sort Of Libertine Before He Became A Ruthless Speaker Of The Church Now [ Pdf The Last Confession Ì hungary PDF ] by Regina Eden î He Is A Man Haunted By The Horrifying Sins Of His Past After Reading The Memoirs He Wrote During His Years In The Seminary, Catalina Never Imagined The Condemnatory Author Was That Self Same Kindhearted Priest Whom She Sought Refuge With When She Escaped An Abusive Benefactor As Their Unlikely Friendship Forms, Catalina S Aim For Seduction Begins To Fade, And The Love She Was Never Allowed To Experience Blossoms For The Man Beneath The ClothAlthough Benedict Offers To Be Her New And Anonymous Patron, He Denies Himself The Temptation Of Claiming Her Body In Exchange But Desire May Prove To Be Stronger Than Resilience, And The Salvation He Believes He Had Long Ago Lost May Be Closer Than He Realizes The Last Confession Is A Story Of Forbidden Passion And Redemption I absolutely loved this book It s been so long since I have read a period romance I admitted to the author that I loved it so much I would run with my iPad avoiding my kids so I could sneakily read chapters in seclusion.
This book was so well written it made me admit to my husband that maybe I should not in fact carry on with a writing career myself The way it was written often reminded me of my favourite author Catherine Cookson.
Catalina what a naughty little minx or kitty as one of her benefactors nicknamed her Although frowned upon in the story I fell in love with her character I was routing all the way for a happy ending for her because the life that she lead or the life that chose her should I say, was unfair I loved Father Benedict s character too As much as Madame Poisson and Poppa did hahahaha He sounded like a fine specimen of a man both physically, mentally and 5 heart of gold Hero StarsWhy would God have made man with hearts if not to love Senses if not to feel To be touched To be kissed He leaned his face into Catalina s rich auburn locks To experience the most intimate secrets of one soul to another in the thrill of whisperLike Feathers of wings were the unconditional touches of love and devotion of Father Benedict The very Hero of this spiritually crafted story telling This author can write with soul Her crafted words are written with meaning and purpose.
leaving a feeling of mystic and forbidden atmosphere in an era that was ruled by Church and proprietary and anything against it was seen as great sin When I reached the end of this book, I experienced a sense of wonderment and a

4 to 4.
5 stars What an interesting and thought provoking romance this was This brought out a lot of different emotions during the course of the story curiosity, frustration, anger, disgust, admiration and happiness It really just ran the gamut The heroine, Catalina, was an interesting character for me, and a big change in departure from what I usually read since she was a courtesan For the first half of the book, I felt sympathy for her as much as I felt frustration and anger Born during a time where women without wealth had few choices, she was doing the best she could and doing all she really knew, since she was groomed to be a courtesan from the time she was a young child While I understood the difficulties she faced, I couldn t help but be frustrated when it seemed she was doing little to get herself out of a life threatening I was quite taken with this book I enjoyed it tremendously.

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