I m usually not much for books that are set in the future, but this one was different First of all, it was believable and there wasn t a tremendous amount of boring tech descriptions so that worked for me and second, I loved the big wave surfing descriptions The characters in this novel are unique and kept me interested throughout the story, particularly what was going on with the main character s father I liked the plot and pacing of this story and thought the author did a really good job of coming up with interesting new ideas This book made me wonder what s in the future and if things will be like he described them thought provoking The way he combined the future and the past as well as the way the characters reacted to the situations they found themselves in made this an exciting read from the first page to the last You s This book was on a recommended summer reading list, so that s where we start Mafuri is the main character, a twenty something Olympic surfing hopeful with some fairly realistic trip ups in her way Her voice as main character is interesting, and the author seamlessly inserts surf jargon and Naval jargon into the mix without ever sounding forced or condescending Frankly, it was a storyline I would not have likely chosen for myself, but it was a good beach read Without going on a soapbox, I will say that my biggest beef with the author is the rampant unnecessary liberal crap For the record, I feel the same about unnecessary conservative cramp Unless the point is intentionally political, go easy If you need a detail to make the story work, by all means, give us the detail Piling on bit after bit after bit of liberal dogma when it doesn t impact the storyline a single

RTC This novel packs in so many events and characters It was a quick read especially for someone who s as enthralled by surfing as me , but I did think that a lot of the dialogue was awkward and disjointed.
Û That Crazy Perfect Someday ☆ I was really impressed with this Such a great character study of a beautiful, flawed but not too flawed woman We see her manage and often struggle with family, friendships, injury, and other career setbacks all to somehow feel good as readers about her future I didn t want the book to end, which is one reason why I enjoyed the ending so much I m left to picture Mafuri s future for myself, with plenty of complications still ahead That s my favorite kind of story.
Although, this story takes place in the future, it feels like real places For example, when Mafuri traveled for her surfing competition, I felt like I was there right with her Yet, I know that Mafuri had a passion for the sport of surfing She was the only female to dominate a eighty foot wave That in itself is a great feat for anyone However, I didn t really feel the great passion that Mafuri had for surfing It seemed a little muted with the rivalry from other competitors being a focus of the story Additionally, I was very intrigued by Mafuri s father He seemed like he had a great story to share having been a former Navy captain of the former USS Nimitz and present USS Hillary Rodham Clinton Again, when the story finally focused on this part of the story, there did not seem to be a Surprise story of a young successful surfer and where her life takes her.
Unfortunately, this male author stunk at creating a great female main character Book was billed as a climate change surfing sci fi beach bag must have it did not deliver.
Year IsClimate Change Has Altered The World S Wave Patterns Drones Crisscross The Sky, Cars Drive Themselves, And Surfing Is A New Olympic Sport Mafuri Long, UCSD Marine Biology Grad, Champion Surfer, And Only Female To Dominate A Record Eighty Foot Wave, Still Has Something To Prove Having Achieved Internet Fame, Along With Sponsorship From Google And Nike, She S Intent On Winning Olympic Gold But When Her Father, A Clinically Depressed Former Navy Captain And Widower, [Michael Mazza] ë That Crazy Perfect Someday [chancellorsville-campaign PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ê Learns That His Beloved Supercarrier, The USS Hillary Rodham Clinton, Is To Be Sunk, He Draws Mafuri Into A Powerful Undertow Conflicts Compound As Mafuri S Personal Life Comes Undone Via Social Media, And A Vicious Aussie Competitor Levels Bogus Doping Charges Against Her Mafuri Forms An Unlikely Friendship With An Awkward Teen, A Ferrari Driving Professional Gamer Who Will Prove To Be Her Support And Ballast Authentic, Brutal, And At Times Funny, Mafuri Lays It All Out In A Sprightly, Hot Wired Voice From San Diego To Sydney, Key West, And Manila, That Crazy Perfect Someday Goes Beyond The Sports Surf Clich To Explore The Depths Of Sorrow And Hope, Yearning And Family Bonds, And The Bootstrap Power Of A Bold Young Woman Climbing Back Into The LightMichael Mazza Is A San Francisco Area Fiction Writer Whose Stories Have Appeared In Other Voices, WORDS, Blue Mesa Review, TINGE, And ZYZZYVA He Is Also An Internationally Acclaimed Art And Creative Director Working In The Advertising Industry That Crazy Perfect Someday Is His First Novel This book is most definitely a page turner The format of this book is really interesting as it readslike long diary entries This book is fast paced, intriguing, beach read.

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