Almost three centuries after the Fall of Hyperion, the Time Tombs open and Aenea, child of Brawne Lamia and Johnny Keats emerges Along with a former hunting guide named Raul Endymion and android A Bettik, Aenea goes on a journey to fulfill her destiny as the one who teaches Only the Pax has other ideas Can Aenea reach her goal without being captured by Father Captain de Soya of the Pax With all the two star reviews out there, I wasn t expecting magic from Endymion Imagine my surprise when I wound up enjoying it quite a bit Endymion felt like rummaging through a box of old possessions you have fond memories of but have forgotten about Only in this case, the memories are the hawking mat, the Consul s ship, the deactivated farcaster portals along the old river Tethys, and good old A Bettik And also The Shrike, but we won t say much about him other than to sa Stop If you ve read Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion, stop there The series does not continue Pretend like these two books Endymion and rise of Endymion do not exist On the other hand, if you haven t read hyperion, go read it It s great Really good One of my favorite books Amazing But Endymion takes a huge step down After Fall of Hyperion, you re probably hungry for , but trust me, it just has to stay that way Some of the mysteries just have to be left as mysteries Endymion and Rise of Endymion are not worth it But Hyperion is awesome.
As I ve written in my reviews of Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion, Dan Simmons is trying to melt my brain.
After weeks of medical treatment and therapy I ve recovered enough to be rolled out to a sunny spot in my wheel chair with a nurse to wipe the drool from my chin Despite the doctors warnings about continued exposure toHyperion, I ve gone ahead and read the third book in the series, Endymion While there are still monumentally big sci fi ideas in this story, I think that my earlier encounters have allowed me to build up some resistance to Simmons I got through this one and only went blind in my right eye and lost all sense of smell, but no coma this time It s hard to summarize this without giving up too much away It s about 250 years after the events of the last book, and we re introduced to Raul Endymion, a young man with a checkered job history who is saved from dea Buddy read with Athena, Desinka, Gavin Kaora3.
5 starsYou want to be a hero, he repeated You want to be one of those rare human beings who make history, rather than merely watch it flow around them like water around a rock More than two centuries have passed since the pilgrimage to the Valley of the Time Tombs, and the Hegemony of Man, the beating heart of humanity, has been completely destroyed The Worldweb is gone, along with the farcaster network and everything that made the universe what it once was Rising from the ashes is the Pax, an all encompassing totalitarian regime founded by the remainder of the Catholic Church ruling with the help of the strongest armada in existence and the power to provide its faithful followers with eternal life This third book in the Hyperion Cantos saga takes place centuries after the other two, and i Many fans of Dan Simmons s Hyperion series were not enad of thisseparate entity within the saga It does not detract, however, from what a fun thrill ride this book truly is You need not have read the first two books to enjoy this one, and in fact, it might be better if you haven t Simmons incorporated thefun elements of the previous books, weaving them into this grand and tremendously entertaining adventure of science fiction The Worldweb and the mysterious Shrike creature add excitement to an already great story.
Almost 300 years have passed since The Fall, and Earth apparently, but not conclusively, no longer exists The Worldweb and the Shrike creature are around, yet the only thing standing between complete control of everything by the military arm of the Catholic Church, PAX, is an 11 year old girl named Aenea, and Raul Endymion Aenea is the f Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion are two books fans of science fiction literature should not miss They are exciting, mind blowing, beautiful, lyrical and thought provoking The first volume Hyperion is often ranked as one of the top ten greatest sci fi books ever That said, I read The Fall of Hyperion in November 2012 and only got around to reading Endymion almost two years later I am too easily influenced by reviews or readers comments, and while Endymion tend to bepositively reviewed than negative it is clearly much less popular than the first two books of the Hyperion Cantos I remember someone said that Endymion is like a bad fanfic of Hyperion it is not and that was very off putting Still, I never did remove it from my TBR and eventually I am in the mood for it and here we are I kn [Dan Simmons] ñ Endymion [soviet-history PDF] read Online Í , é Endymion ì If there is a God, I thought, it s a painkillerDan Simmons, EndymionEnjoyed it, just not as much as Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion This is the equivalent of the Return of the Jedi for me Still buzzing from the first two, but not as good as the first two either There are certain parts I enjoyed and somethings that just seemed a bit overdone I ll reviewlater.
Pretty big letdown after the first 2 books in this series This book had none of the tension, mystery or brilliant world building of the first one and none of the complex military and political shenanigans of the second The first half to 2 3 of this book was especially slow and although it picked up a bit towards the end still wasn t enough to redeem it Hoping that the fourth book picks the series up again in a big way.
The start of this book was really frustrating and slow with lots of bad stuff being piled on the protagonist in fact it reminded a bit of this who I didn t really care about His reactions to such terrible and unexpected events seemed underwhelming Having read the Riyria prequels just before starting this I had been hoping for some Royce style fucking people up on a revenge mission but he pretty much completely forgot about the whole thing This was a recurring them with This is a disappointing fall for Dan Simmons.
Endymion is a tedious and ultimately pointless sci fi chase novel that recycles rather than expands the concepts from Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion Simmons starts by resetting the environment it is 247 years later, and the reader no longer knows anything about anything A bunch of travellers have to go on another journey of evenobscure purpose because one of them has dreams , a completely unexplained plot contrivance They are pursued by a new and one dimensional galaxy spanning organisation modelled on the Catholic church how original I would describe it as a story detached from Hyperion, but I can t say for sure because it ends before anything happens, but not before subjecting me to an extended dreary travelogue that gave me fl

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