The Moose at the Manger is a fun Christmas Story I first fell in love with Author Lisa Tortorello s writing when I read her first book My Hero My Ding I found myself giggling while reading that book It was so well written and enjoyable, that I had to get the next book written by Ms Tortorello, even though it turned out to be a children s book She did not disappoint Both of my boys who are 5 and 10 years old, loved the story about a little Moose who gets lost in the forest Soon after she s separated from her family, unsure of what to do, she starts to cry However, she s not alone for long because she meets a new friend the brightest star in the sky, Star Bright Muse the Moose grabs on to Star Bright s rays with her hooves and they magically travel to far away places together Before she knows it, Muse the Moose is reunited with her family This book will make a grea It was very creative of the author to combine a story about a lost moose with the magic and mystery of the nativity story This is the kind of holiday story that is great for reading as a family around the fireplace or a lit Christmas tree Children will love the fun characters and the colorful illustrations, while parents will enjoy sharing the traditional Christmas story in a new way Reading this story together could easily become a family tradition in its own right.
Adorable Book Ms Tortorello has written a clever little book about Muse the moose who gets separated from her family while on a very important journey Lost and alone, Muse doesn t know what to do until Star Bright, the brightest star in the sky that night, comes to her rescue She takes Muse on a special journey, where Muse will soon discover that it was the most important journey of her life Will Muse be reunited with her family Purchase this book to see if she finds them and how she ends up as The Moose at the Manger This adorable little book is wonderful for children ages 2 8 With its colorful and whimsical illustrations, kids will want to read it again and again I highly recommend this book to add to the rest of your Christmas stories.

Cuddle up with your children and enjoy this wonderful story of a little moose lost in the woods that is rescued by Star Bright, the Christmas Star This wonderfully imaginative story finds Muse, our little moose transported by Star Bright to the very first Christmas Children will be captivated as they are transported along with Muse and imagine themselves looking upon baby Jesus in the manger.
The Moose at the Manger is destined to become a Christmas favorite The beautiful illustrations and finely written text beckon children and parents alike to cuddle up and read this story over and over again, year after year.
Come along on an adventure with Muse the moose as she meets a new friend, learns to face her fears and finds out what the true meaning of Christmas is all about This is a delightful children s book, well written and very colorfully illustrated Children and adults alike will enjoy the story of Muse, the young moose, who loses his way one snowy winter s night but is led by Bright Star to a very special place on that first Christmas day The coloring book is a really cute companion to The Moose at the Manger by Lisa A Torotrello Be sue to get it too.
Æ The Moose at the Manger Æ I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads s First Reads program I had a hard time with this one, to be honest On the one hand, I appreciate the nativity theme I think there should be Christmas books that remind kids of the true meaning of Christmas It was refreshing to see that the moose family was focused on the proper aspect of the holiday On the other hand, though, I struggled with the story itself two unexplained instances of time travel, and some puzzling absent, really transitions from one scene or event to the next Maybe, as a lit major, I dwell too much on these things Some kids might not notice this although I certainly would have as a child I just don t think that children s literature should be held to a lower standard than books for adults, even if the language is a bit simpler The artwork was colorful but overly simplistic Overall, I feel Muse The Moose Accidently Wanders Off From Her Family, She Becomes Lost In The Forest She Luckily Finds A Friend In Star Bright, The Brightest Star In The Sky, Who Leads Her On A Fantastic Journey When Muse Becomes The Moose at the Manger, She Realizes Her Most Important Journey Is Yet To Trailer ð The Moose at the Manger PDF by í Lisa A.
Tortorello Come Author Lisa A Tortorello s book The Moose at the Manger is a story about a adorable moose named Muse who gets lost from his family and is befriended by Bright Star who takes Muse on a journey to join and witness others honoring the birth of baby Jesus in the manger This story is wonderfully told and will capture and hold the attention of your child from beginning to end The Moose at the Manger should be added to your reading list, especially during this magical time of the year Christmas I give The Moose at the Manger 5 Bob Beetle Book Bug munches The Moose at the Manger was provided to me by the author free of charge in exchange for our honest review.

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