This is next level, top class comedy at its absolute finest I d imagine that this book is going to gain some serious traction once it s officially released I d highly recommend Choose Your Own Misery The Office Adventure to anyone who likes dark humor, quirky characters, and strong writing Also, there s a really brilliant easter egg dropped somewhere near the middle of the book folks who explore multiple paths will be richly rewarded This book is an autobiography But legally, you can t present that as evidence in court.
If you re at all like me, you probably have fond memories of those tattered paperback Choose Your Own Adventure novels in the school library They were the literary equivalent of text based adventure games like Planetfall, Wishbringer, or Zork only instead of swapping random floppy disks, you scrambled back and forth to random pages We used to read them at a frantic pace, just to see who could find the weirdest ending.
Of course, if you grew up in an era that didn t begin with 19 something, you probably have no idea what I m talking about, but that s not the point.
Anyway, when I came across an ARC for The Office Adventure, the very first Choose Your Own Misery book, I knew I had to give it a read Mike MacDonald and Jilly Gagnon have tapped into a sweet spot of nostalgia here, even managing to capture the I have to say and I don t say this lightly this is easily the best comedy book I ve cowritten this year I highly recommend everyone in the entire world read it, love it, and then get their moms to read it and film their inevitable disgust and or horror.
1 Do you have time to read a book No, go to 2.
Yes, go to 3.
2 You must be mistaken Everyone has time to read This is the perfect book for your lunch break or a train commute, since you can get through many of these adventures quickly Proceed to 3.
3 Clearly you should read this book You get it at your local bookstore, where they are doing a signing event The authors are hilarious, so you have high hopes You notice one of wrote I hope you laugh so hard you puke when she was signing your copy Should you be worried Hmmmm If you want to read it in the office, go to 4.
To read it on the train, go to 5.
4 The book makes you feel better about how much you hate your job At least you ve never puked on your shoes, and you have some good coworkers You re ju

Haha, this was good fun, I ve read it about 8 times now just to get as many endings as possible I was expecting it to bemiserable than it was, that might just be because I m a miserable sod.
I remember buying these adventure books when I was a kid, they were good and it was like having a story you could read again and again and the story was always different I read this on the kindle and it works really well I would write about my favourite route the story took, but that would just spoiled things, I can say though it ends with a trip to get a bottle of vodka.
Enjoyed this, going to have to see if I can findof these, it should be as popular as that colouring in for adults.
Ø The Office (Choose Your Own Misery #1) ✓ This book is a HOOT and that isn t something I say often Or ever Seriously, this book is so fun Check it out The fun of childhood imagination mixed with the crushed dreams of adulthood After a night of too much drinking, do you call in sick or hit the snooze button Do you use that last vacation day or suck it up and go in to the office Do you rent a hooker for the evening or ask Debby to play your girlfriend for the night You know the typical questions that we all face every day If rabid animals with guns voice and FDR role play tickle your laugh box, then you re in for a treat with this truly unique and interactive reading experience.
What a ride Choose Your Own Misery The Office Adventure is an innovative, interactive comic romp through a day in the life of a run of the mill wage slave who s had a bit too much to drink the night before and is paying for it today Depending on your druthers, you, the reader, can chart the protagonist s path to a selection of workplace hells, in each of which he seems to dig himself into a deeper hole Funny and entertaining a recommended read.
I just fucking knew one day, warped minded individuals would reach out into the world and smack us right upside our noggins with a book that would throw us into a bunch of not so great shitty situations PURE GENIUS Everyone remembers those CYOA books where you get sucked into a wormhole, travel to other planets, talk with aliens, find buried treasure and make the dreaded wrong choice and the story ends If not, where the fuck have you been Under the big rock on Mars that looks like a face Damn Choose Your Own Misery is just like those except on a whole new level Try imagining the most horrible of things that could happen to you on any given day, then you just might be prepared for what might happen to you in this book.
Now of course, I am not spilling the beans here about anything or any situations you might come across But safe to say I have had my ass handed to me an Is An ACE For ISBNThe Office AdventureA Comic Choose Your Own Path Novel For Adults Play As A Miserable, Hungover Office Worker Just Trying To Zombie Through Another Awful Day At Work Should You Show Up For The Big Meeting Or Duck Out With Debby, The Weird Woman From HR Who Keeps Making Suggestive Comments About FDR Play The Fatty Lump In Your Back For Office Wide Sympathy, Or Dive Into A WebMD Spiral That Can Only End In Cancer Tell Someone About The Weird Genital Fondling ✓ read Ü The Office (Choose Your Own Misery #1) by Mike MacDonald ✓ That S Happening At The Crystal Healer S, Or Just Accept That This Is The Best Substitution You Ll Find For Love, Todayor Maybe Ever In CYOM TOA, You Have Countless Options, But They Rarely End Well It S Okay, Though A Life Of Adventure Would Require So Many Uncomfortable Sleeping Situations Besides, You Have Dental Keep Reminding Yourself About The Dental

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