Synopsis When an awkward 13 year old, Moth Hush, discovers that she is descended from a long line of powerful witches life becomes anything but average With the help of her mom and a bevy of zany characters she goes on an awesome adventure to reclaim her heritage.
Review I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I initially requested this graphic novel from NetGalley for my 13 yo daughter While perusing a list of new releases for middle schoolers, she was drawn to this one both by the cover art and the synopsis which she claims to relate to She asked about it nonstop and inspired me to read along The story starts in much the same way all coming of age stories start Meet awkward pre teen, Moth Hush She lives in a single family home above a thrift gift shop with her moth Emma Steinkellner really did an amazing job on this debut book And I m going to be addressing authors personally from now on because they deserve it Also I feel like Goodreads culture can be a bitnot so kind sometimes and I want authors to know I appreciate them Thank you BOOKEXPO for the free ARC I digress.
This book is a delightful mix of whimsy, history, empowerment, and accepting others and yourself Imagine your favorite Miyazaki movie mixed with Hocus Pocus Plus current social justice issues and the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts, though SO GOOD And SPOILER the history and time travel was so unexpected I actually learned something new which I think is based on real life that during all the factory fires in the 1800 s, the owners of those factories made money off the women and men who worked for them from their insurance if they died in I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley The Okay Witch isthan okay It s absolutely charming I adored this book and everything about it art, story, characters, EVERYTHING Moth is thirteen and doesn t fit in at school and when she suddenly discovers she has magical powers, that doesn t exactly help much This is a story packed with genuine heart The tone is light, but there are heady issues addressed with a delicate hand Moth is a wonderful, relatable heroine, but the entire cast is fantastic including a talking cat who threatens to steal the whole show I loved, loved, loved how inclusive it is A subplot involving the said talking cat and a beloved actually made me get teary eyed at one point.
I mean, really Start reading because it s about magic and a smart girl and because the art is fantastic, and keep reading because you find ever

The Okay Witch is chock full of humor, heart, and whole lot of magic Moth, as she learns she is a witch and discovers that she holds the power to decide who she wants to be, empowers readers to embrace their own identities, no matter the quirks Come for the magic and the talking cat , stay for the nuanced takes on family, legacies, and growing up.
Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the publisher This does not impact my review which is honest and unbiased I was instantly intrigued by The Okay Witch And I was surprised not only with the charming illustration style, but the way Steinkellner is able to balance a story about family, unique history of witches, and people s ability to change It s one of those graphic novels that hasthan meets the eye Discussing origins, repeating our family s mistakes, and hope, The Okay Witch is also about families and forgiveness It s about responsibility and power, our duty to our community, and our family I love how The Okay Witch plays with the concept of a good, bad, and okay witch What does it mean to be a good or a bad witch I feel like we ve heard these titles thrown around and Steinkellner looks at this place in betw Moth Hush has always been into witchy things and has always felt different and when bullies try to ruin her Halloween, her unknown powers are awakened When she runs back home after an incident from her awakening powers, she learns her mother has been keeping the secret of their family s history of witches and finds out their family is the center of the town s history.
While Moth s mother has her reasons for not wanting Moth practicing or learning magic, Moth curiosity has her digging deeper Along with her new friend who s a talking cat, she gets sucked into an enchanted diary and unlocks a hidden witch world.
I really enjoyed the characters Loved the illustrations The story was heartfelt, had some comedy and showed how history and judgment can be overcome Thank you NetGalley as well as the author for the opportunity to read and enjoy this book.
Ø The Okay Witch ☆ Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an earc copy I really like the art style and the colors in the beginning parts The story was pretty good I liked how family came together in the end That doesn t always happen I liked learning about Moth s family I loved the cat in this, I usually always love cats though.
Sabrina The Teenage Witch Meets Roller Girl In This Hilarious, One Of A Kind Graphic Novel About A Half Witch Who Has Just Discovered The Truth About Herself, Her Family, And Her Town And Is Doing Her Best To Survive Middle School Now That She Knows Everything Magic Is Harder Than It LooksThirteen Year Old Moth Hush Loves All Things Witchy But She S About To Discover That Witches Aren T Just The Stuff Of Movies, books, And [Emma Steinkellner] ☆ The Okay Witch [young-adult-fantasy PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Spooky Stories When Some Eighth Grade Bullies Try To Ruin Her Halloween, Something Really Strange Happens It Turns Out That Founder S Bluff, Massachusetts, Has A Centuries Old History Of Witch Drama And, Surprise Moth S Family Is At The Center Of It All When Moth S New Powers Show Up, Things Get Totally Out Of Control She Meets A Talking Cat, Falls Into An Enchanted Diary, And Unlocks A Hidden Witch World Secrets Surface From Generations Past As Moth Unravels The Complicated Legacy At The Heart Of Her Town, Her Family, And HerselfIn This Spellbinding Graphic Novel Debut, Emma Steinkellner Spins A Story Packed With Humor And Heart About The Weird And Wonderful Adventures Of A Witch In Progress This was very cute I loved it RTC I am also thrilled to be participating in a blog tour for this great graphic novel, come visit my blog on September 9th

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