Rome Has Ruled Syria For Than Three Centuries But Now The Weakened Empire Faces A Desperate Threat Queen Zenobia Of Palmyra Has Turned Her Roman Trained Army Against Her Former Masters And The Once Invincible Legions Have Been Crushed Arabia, Palestine, And Egypt Have Fallen And Now Antioch, Syria S Capital, Stands Exposed A Young Intelligence Agent Fresh From Officer Training, Cassius Corbulo Is The Only Ranking Roman Officer Left In The Line Of The Palmyran Advance He Must Take Command Of The Fort Of [Nick Brown] á The Siege [fae PDF] read Online Á Alauran, The Last Stronghold Still In Roman Hands, And Hold It Until Reinforcements Arrive What Cassius Finds At Alauran Would Daunt The Most Seasoned Veteran, Let Alone A Year Old With No Experience Of War A Mere Scattering Of Divided And Demoralized Legionaries Remain, Backed Up By Some Fractious Syrian Auxiliaries And A Drunken Praetorian Guardsman With The Palmyrans Just Days Away, Cassius Must Somehow Find The Discipline, Resourcefulness And Courage To Organize The Garrison, Save Alauran And Secure Rome S Eastern Frontier OK Mijn eerste kennismaking met Het Beleg begon zo ik had boekenbonnen en die moesten weg Dus ging ik naar de boekhandel, en zocht tussen de boeken naar n die ik niet kende Toen bleef mijn blik hangen bij, jawel Het Beleg Leek me wel interesting, dus zonder boekenbonnen ging ik terug naar huis Over het algemeen vind ik historische boeken niet super, maar mede doordat ik Klassieke Talen heb leek dit me wel leuk te proberen.
Het Beleg gaat over een jonge Romeinse legionair, Cassius, die naar Syri moet om daar in een Romeins fort de leiding te gaan nemen Dit deel van Syri wordt namelijk bedreigt door de Palmyrenen, een ander volk uit de woestijn Zij willen ook Syri en Isra l, delen van het Romeinse Rijk veroveren, en vinden dus het fort van Cassius op I am going back in time by reading this one I was lucky enough to be sent the latest as it was at the time The Black Stone, which was actually number four in the series I d seen the name and some of the covers before that, but not got onto reading any But having been solidly impressed by TBS, I m making up for lost time by starting again at the beginning with The Siege And maybe time travel is perhaps not at all a bad metaphor for me to use for this review As Nick Brown certainly has a knack for bringing the period, the landscape and the characters to convincingly vivid life We re back in 270 AD, on the eastern edges of the Roman Empire and as with all the best books, the story is a deceptively simple one The main character and of the subsequent novels of course is Cassius Corbulo He is just 19 as the book begins, st StoryThe Siegeis set against the backdrop of Emperor Aurelian s reign during the Palmeryan revolt led by Queen Zenobia The main character is a young security service officer named Cassius Corbulo, who by chance gets sent far off into the desert, south east of Antioch, to the fort of Alauran so as to coordinate the defense against a potential invasion force strategically important due to its water source Corbulo s mission seems impossible at first glance having to deal with inward doubts, insecurities in his soldiery and leadership skills a 19 years of age youth, assigned to command battle hardened men it does sound hilarious while at same time he faces the challenges of the new command posting a decaying fort inhabited by a group of unpaid, apathetic legionaries whose only concerns a ✓ The Siege Ê Cassias Corbulo is a fresh grain officer who has been dropped into the role of defending a key resource with a rag tag group of soldiers With a much larger contingent of the enemy on the way, he must pull this group together to defend Rome s interests and save his own life.
With so many books set in Roman Britain that I have been reading lately , it was nice to get a different picture of the vast Roman Empire Syria is such a completely foreign place Nick Brown did an excellent job of bringing the country to life and the trials of fighting in such a harsh and unforgiving environment.
Cassius is an interesting character He is in over his head he does not have the experience to pull off this task on his own Cassius uses the tools at his disposal to get the job done, ingrained Roman discipline threats and bribery This is what made the Roman world work and This review was first published in the Historical Novel Review.
270 AD Queen Zenobia of Palmyra has turned on her erstwhile master, Rome She has sent her armies across Arabia, Egypt, and Syria to sweep away the weakened Roman forces Antioch now stands exposed, with only the small garrison at the fort of Alauran standing in her armies path.
Cassius Corbulo is new to the Roman ranks He s the privileged son of a noble family, untested, unbloodied, and ill prepared Nevertheless, his rank in the secret service agents derisively known as the grain men qualifies him to act as a centurion, and he is sent off with only his Gallic servant to organize the fort s defense and hold off Zenobia s forces until troops can be brought forward.
Brown has given this Roman military adventure story a great twist in having Cassius hail from the secret service ranks These men, part 3,5 stars.
I liked the refreshing original setting of the novel the Romans in Syria at the time of the revolt of Queen Zenobia s Palmyrans , the superb characterization especially Cassius Corbulo as a realistic and very human hero, with some very well done character development , and the great first half of the story from the introduction of Cassius till the organisation of the garrisoned troops In the second half of the book came The Siege itself with a whole lot of battle scenes and my attention wandered somewhat The outcome with the praetorian was also quite predictable.
Still a good first book with a lot of potential for the sequels.
Having started with number 6 in the Agent of Rome series I ve gone back to the beginning and the first posting for a young and callow Cassius Corbulo Two thirds of the elements that will make this a great series are already there Cassius himself and his slave Simo, ever punctilious for his master yet careful to conserve the small dignity afforded to him as a slave in Imperial Rome What s missing in this first book is the third member of the team, the bodyguard Indavara, who makes his debut in the next novel However, even without him, this book serves to introduce an unusual, for historical fiction, hero and his even unusual slave Cassius is not much good with a sword, relying on his brain rather than muscles, although he does match up with the What stood out for me was the character growth of Cassius Corbulo, the young, sensitive, inexperienced Security man, leading the defense of a small garrison of Romans and Syrians pitted against an overwhelming force of Queen Zenobia s Palmyrans 270 A.
D The Siege and climactic battle were very exciting and compare favorably with battle scenes in other novels I m very happy the author did not feel compelled to insert love interest, which to me would have been out of place here I m sure as the series progresses, though, Cassius will meet some attractive young ladies.
This novel is a keeper and I hope to read of this series.
When ever you get a new debut author in a genre its potentially a mixed blessing, could this be a new giant of the genre could he she be a turkey There are the subtle parts of a new writer, like will they be a writer of explosive action, or slow burn deep facts, or a mix of them both With so many authors out there turning out great books it then means its down to the marketing and the cover artists to draw the eye and make you pick up the book and read the back cover.
With Siege of Rome the cover is fantastic, giving the reader the impression of action, pace, and history, Some excellent back cover blurb to really rope the reader in, so i was hooked and ready to part with my cashwas it a good idea Yes is the simple answer, the cover is actually slightly deceiving as the book is not just an all out action thriller, it is a well paced well thought out story with a great plot

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