Brilliantly Written And Meticulously Researched Biography Of Royal Family Life During England S Second Tudor Monarch San Francisco Chronicle Either Annulled, Executed, Died In Childbirth, Or Widowed, These Were The Well Known Fates Of The Six Queens During The Tempestuous, Bloody, And Splendid Reign Of Henry VIII Of England From To But In This Exquisite Treatment, Sure To Become A Classic Booklist , They Take On Fully Realized Flesh And Blood Than Ever Before Katherine Of Aragon [ read Online The Six Wives of Henry VIII ✓ biography-memoir PDF ] by Alison Weir ß Emerges As A Staunch Though Misguided Woman Of Principle Anne Boleyn, An Ambitious Adventuress With A Penchant For Vengeance Jane Seymour, A Strong Minded Matriarch In The Making Anne Of Cleves, A Good Natured Woman Who Jumped At The Chance Of Independence Katherine Howard, An Empty Headed Wanton And Katherine Parr, A Warm Blooded Bluestocking Who Survived King Henry To Marry A Fourth Time Combin Ing The Accessibility Of A Popular History With The Highest Standards Of A Scholarly Thesis , Alison Weir Draws On The Entire Labyrinth Of Tudor History, Employing Every Known Archive Early Biographies, Letters, Memoirs, Account books, And Diplomatic Reports To Bring Vividly To Life The Fates Of The Six Queens, The Machinations Of The Monarch They Married And The Myriad And Ceaselessly Plotting Courtiers In Their Intimate Circle The Detroit News In This Extraordinary Work Of Sound And Brilliant Scholarship, At Last We Have The Truth About Henry VIII S Wives Evening Standard 8.
i have never before spent so long reading a book and having less to say about it at the end before reading this book, what i knew about henry VIII came mostly from one pbs week long special and the herman s hermits song, which turns out to be historically inaccurate and not actually about henry VIII at all kids, don t get your historical information from novelty songs what i know henry may be one of history s shittiest spouses after reading this, i find myself able to cut warren zevon some slack henry really wanted a son and he was willing to bend tradition, religion, social conventions, public opinion and personal reputation and chop off some heads to get one spoiler alert henry sucks at making a son but he s great at getting women, even if he has to manipulate competition out of the way into different countries to free up a path it s great to be king.
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Watch The Other Boleyn Girl Then watch an episode of The Tudors Afterward, immediately go to confession for such shameful and useless acts Do penance by reading The Six Wives of Henry VIII to save your soul lest ye go through life thinking that the Tudors were all about bad acting and awkwardly placed sex scenes Be warned that ye may lose friends when someone tries to talk to you about an episode of The Tudors and you turn it into a teachable moment about what really happened because youyou knowread one book so, of course, you know everything.
Extensively researched and fascinating a must read for anyone interested in the women behind Henry VIII, aka the patron saint of man whores I just made that up on the spot, but it works so I m keeping it Weir isn t completely unbiased in her description of Henry and his various women, but I can t blame her With this family, it s hard not to take sides This is especially clear when Weir describes the way Henry felt about Anne of Cleves, his wife for about ten minutes Weir talks about how Henry whined that Anne was fat and ugly and then, no doubt with a wicked grin on her face, Weir goes on to describe how gross Henry had gotten by that point You can just tell she s dying to call Henry a fat bastard, and I m proud of her for resisting that urge.

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