And Handsome, Dr Thaddius Montgomery Is Perfectly Content A Psychiatrist Who Has Developed A Unique Spanking Therapy, He Has Become Celebrated For His Controversial MethodsHe Delivers His Spankings With An Unfeeling, Clinical Ease, Until A Beautiful New Patient Walks Into His Office, A Beguiling Young Woman Named Rose Rutherford She Is Suffering From A Broken Heart, And In Spite Of His Professional Integrity, She Shadows His Thoughts And He Finds Himself Eagerly Looking Forward To Her VisitsOne Night, As He Is À read º The Spanking Psychiatrist by Maggie Carpenter Ô About To Leave, She Knocks On His Door When She Haltingly Tells Him The Reason For Her After Hours Visit, It S A Confession That Makes Her Almost Impossible To Resist, And The Calm, Unruffled Dr Montgomery, Suddenly Finds Himself Facing His Own Truth, A Truth He D Been Denying For YearsBut His Personal Life Is In Turmoil The Good Doctor Is Dating A Sophisticated, Sultry, Somewhat Mysterious Vixen Named Avery Madison He Has Discovered The Wicked Woman Is A Covert, Diabolical Dominatrix, Who Harbors A Sadistic Scheme That Could Ruin His LifeThe Spanking Psychiatrist Is A Tale With Twists And Turns, Full Of Spicy Spanking, Sensuous Sex, Romantic Domination And Unexpected Intrigue ô The Spanking Psychiatrist ô I thought this was going to be a story about a Doctor who spanks his patients, and then has a relationship with one of them Well, if you read this, hold on to your hat, because it s a whole lotThat s the basis, but his life is not so simple, with a wicked Dominatrix who has an evil streak, and an ex military intelligence officer who helps get him out of a pickle Honestly, there s too much to put in a review like this, but this book is another novel from this author who holds you captive Surprises, steamy spanking and sex, and a great plot Highly recommend.

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