lo i have made a readalike list for this book over on riffle my god, let me never get scurvy.
i am glad i am such a grad school overachiever for both the horror sci fi and mystery portions of my readers advisory class, i have read one extra title from the selection list, and both times, i have liked the extra title best i did not choose to read an extra romance title, so we will never know how that would have turned out, alas this book is a rare combination of to the lighthouse, and the thing, with hardy esque occurrences of misunderstanding and some cannibalism thrown in for the kiddies plus boats and ice and monster.
like the descent, it is the supernatural elements of the story that end up being the least scary nature is scary enough cave exploration, Whew I finished it Wowza This is such a long book Don t go into this one unless you enjoy big books, having the patience to let the story evolve and knowing that the pace can be slow at times.
I stuck in there from the beginning and the ending was well worth it I was struggling in the beginning because the first 10 or so chapters in this book alternate between the present and the past when the Franklin expedition was started.
It also has different POV chapters with characters so also know that going in as well You ll figure out who everyone is if you just take the time to let the story develop.
While reading The Terror during winter, I always felt cold This story sucks all the warmth from you from the below freezing temperatures in the book, the bleak surroundings and the isolation that the Franklin expedition endured The Arctic was its own cha

99 on kindle US 7 27 17People, just turn around and go home I probably shouldn t have went and read some facts about the history of this book because I might mess this review up It s just so freaking interesting and I want to read about it The author left a lot of resources for books at the end and there is one I m going to try to get for sure The fact that Dan Simmons added an horror element to a historic novel is pretty awesome And there are so many characters that I liked in the book and well you know what happens if you read anything about the real story Some parts of the book had me confused because it would go back and forth at different times but I pretty much know what s going on Captain Sir John Franklin and Captain Crozier take the HMS Terror and HMS Erebus out to try to go through the Northwest Passage, which was called the 18 September 7, 2010 I don t want to talk about it right now It s too soon and the pain is still too fresh I shall review on another day.
September 17, 2010 It s been well over a week since my encounter with The Terror and the thought of writing a review still exhausts me, but here it goes I have read many glowing reviews of The Terror That is, in fact, why I bought it I mean, check out this kick ass plot Two British ships, The Terror and the Erebus, are frozen in the polar sea for years, waiting in vain for a summer thaw This is, of course, based upon the doomed Franklin expedition, so we have some serious history going on here Now, add to that a dash of the supernatural something is out there on the ice It terrorizes the men, seeming to materialize from nowher This is so good What took me so long to read this The men aboard the HHS Terror believe they will be the ones to successfully search for the Northwest Passage The year is 1845 and the Franklin Expedition is steam powered and after spending another a second summer in the arctic circle, their rations begin to dwindle, men s spirits begin to plummet and there is no end to the ice, cold and darkness As the men begin to show signs of scurvy, they also are confronted by poisonous food, crushing ice, and an unseen terror on the ice which seems to be plucking them off one by one.
Plus, there is the Inuit Esquimaux woman who cannot speak but who has survival skills that leave the men in awe and frightened at the same time She seems to be able to hunt and thrive in a harsh environment Is she a witch Can she be trusted and how is she able to slip away without notice When Sir The Terror is a fictional tale based on the real life experience of the notoriously doomed John Franklin Expedition.
These brave men journeyed hundreds of miles by sea voyage in the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, part of the British Naval fleet sent to the Arctic to force the Northwest Passage in 1845 1848, and then travelled the rest on foot into the desolate, below freezing temperatures of the Arctic wasteland All died or were never seen or heard from ever again.
Dan Simmons imaginative story explains how and why The Terror is a book drawn from a historical background so deep and so thoroughly well researched that I m quite sure I ve never heard of any other writer of fiction attempting to do so at this level ever before For those that like to pick apart every bit of a story with a goal in mind to repute the validit » The Terror » Why am I reading so many books about the cold Maybe because it s freezing here in Chicago This is a buddy read with Cristina, and I ll review as I go.
The first couple of hundred pages were surprisingly slow going There was very little propulsion about the plot just occasional glimpses of The Terror along with long passages of backstory that I didn t really find compelling I don t know why I reacted like that Maybe it was because I d just read Crime and Punishment, another and very different tome that managed to be fascinating throughout Or maybe it was the prose, which isn t terribly stylish I m always a sucker for great prose, and I miss it when it isn t there At that point, I would have given the book two or maybe three stars.
Then, at some point, things br See this review andlike it at www.
net I m late to the party with this read, I know, but The Terror just came onto my radar when I realized that AMC was turning it into a television show I m a book over movie tv adaptation purist So many details end up falling to the wayside in an adaptation for example, I ve watched one episode of the show, and already spotted a major difference from the book I knew I d want to experience this story as Dan Simmons originally told it, so I ran out and got myself a copy I knew going in that this would be a book that would challenge me on a number of fronts I enjoy horror, but historical fiction is not exactly my purview so to a mix of both is definitely something I d not expe Men On Board HMS Terror Have Every Expectation Of Triumph As Part Of TheFranklin Expedition, The First Steam Powered Vessels Ever To Search For The Legendary Northwest Passage, They Are As Scientifically Supported An Enterprise As Has Ever Set Forth As They Enter A Second Summer In The Arctic Circle Without A Thaw, Though, They Are Stranded In A Nightmarish Landscape Of Encroaching Ice And Darkness Endlessly Cold, With Diminishing Rations,Men Fight To Survive With Poisonous Food, A Dwindling Supply Of [ Pdf The Terror Æ russian-empire PDF ] by Dan Simmons ☆ Coal, And Ships Buckling In The Grip Of Crushing Ice But Their Real Enemy Is Far Terrifying There Is Something Out There In The Frigid Darkness An Unseen Predator Stalking Their Ship, A Monstrous Terror Constantly Clawing To Get InWhen The Expedition S Leader, Sir John Franklin, Meets A Terrible Death, Captain Francis Crozier Takes Command And Leads His Surviving Crewmen On A Last, Desperate Attempt To Flee South Across The Ice With Them Travels An Inuit Woman Who Cannot Speak And Who May Be The Key To Survival, Or The Harbinger Of Their Deaths But As Another Winter Approaches, As Scurvy And Starvation Grow Terrible, And As The Terror On The Ice Stalks Them Southward, Crozier And His Men Begin To Fear That There Is No Escape Dan Simmons is an author s author Every time I read something by him that is either A not quite in my interest zone, or B reads workmanlike but nothing particularly brilliant, he SQUASHES my expectations.
HMS Terror and Erebus are out to find the Northwest Passage In the meantime, I am tricked into caring about every one of the men on the ships This is not a Darwin Award I m reading, even though a few characters WERE on the Beagle.
This is a harrowing and perfectly period descent into an icy hell Enjoy murder, scurvy, madness, a monster on the ice, wicked dreams, withdrawal, and of course SOYLENT GREEN.
Oh, wait, wrong book.
I ll leave it for posterity At least I never ate human flesh At least I never ate human flesh Just keep telling yourself that,

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