A Powerful But Unpopular Bureaucrat Is Accused Of Theft And Computer Fraud, Sandra Is Convinced The Charge Is False While Trying To Track Down The Real Culprit She Becomes Caught In A Tale Of Crime, Loyalty And Betrayal, Against The Backdrop Of A Country On The Cusp Of Political Download Epub Format ☆ The Trojan Dog PDF by ✓ Dorothy Johnston Change The main character in The Trojan Dog, Sandy, isn t a super hero, didn t really know much about cyber crimes, but was totally human She had flaws for sure she wasn t the best mother and her marriage was in shambles She wasn t confident with her job skills but was obviously good at it Her boss, Rae Evans was facing trial for computer theft and fraud Sandra and Ivan, co worker turned lover, wanted to get to the bottom of what happened so they became detectives The book was a little slow at first but it held my interest It is not a fast paced thriller or even a love story It s about a computer crime with a few red herrings thrown in.
You want to read about computer viruses, techies, stolen money and distrust, talk in metaphors, ooh Australian slang then this book is for you Sandra with her new job and a son who can t read well and a husband whose job takes him away from them and a new job that keeps her on her toes with all the above things I mentioned I was waiting for the story to grab me in but it didn t, sorry I kept reading and soon got caught up in it I m not saying this book is not good, it was well written but this story is not one I would have read before but to be fair it was okay The author managed to make me want to read what would happen next I won this book in Goodreads, First read Giveaway Thank you very much Ms Dorothy Johnston I do apprec

This book s biggest crime for me was the lousy portrayal of computer viruses No, they do not cause the words on your screen to fall down to the bottom No, they do not actually show you pictures of worms It just isn t plausible.
The second biggest crime was not giving me anyone to root for The narrator is trying to defend this one woman named Rae Everyone dislikes Rae and the narrator isn t even that fond of her Sure she reminds the narrator of her dead mother but the narrator didn t really get along with her mother that well either.
Unconvincing romance subplot Characters just kind of breeze in and out of the plot until the author decides it s over No sense of building to something or getting closer to a truth.
The author s book The White Tower is better so I d suggest you try that one instead.
This is an extremely well written book with lovely language The author has a good grasp on descriptions that create pictures in my mind I loved to see Australia through they eyes of an Aussie, although I struggled with the concept of it being warmer in the North and summer being in December The characters were mostly believable and well rounded with the exception of the main character I found her strangely lacking in emotion which was especially jarring since she was the narrator of the story Overall, it s a soothing read with incredibly lovely language if a little slow at times.

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