The Late S To The US Manned Spaceflight Program Advanced As It Did Largely Due To The Extraordinary Efforts Of Austrian Immigrant George M Low Described As The Ultimate Engineer During His Career At NASA, Low Was A Visionary Architect And Leader From The Agency S Inception In To His Retirement In As Chief Of Manned Spaceflight At NASA, Low Was Instrumental In The Mercury, Gemini, And Apollo Programs Low S Pioneering Work Paved The Way For President Kennedy S Decision [ read Online The Ultimate Engineer (Outward Odyssey: A People's History of Spaceflight) É words PDF ] by Richard Jurek ✓ To Make A Lunar Landing NASA S Primary Goal In The S After The Tragic Apollo Fire That Took The Lives Of Three Astronauts And Almost Crippled The Program, Low Took Charge Of The Redesign Of The Apollo Spacecraft, And He Helped Lead The Program From Disaster And Toward The Moon In Low Made The Bold Decision To Go For Lunar Orbit On Apollo Before The Lunar Module Was Ready For Flight And After Only One Earth Orbit Test Flight Of The Command And Service Modules Under Low There Were Five Manned Missions, Including Apollo , The First Manned Lunar Landing Low S Clandestine Negotiations With The Soviet Union Resulted In A Historic Joint Mission In That Was The Precursor To The Shuttle Mir And International Space Station Programs At The End Of His NASA Career, Low Was One Of The Leading Figures In The Development Of The Space Shuttle In The Early S, And He Was Instrumental In NASA S Transition Into A Post Apollo World Afterward, He Embarked On A Distinguished Career In Higher Education As A Transformational President Of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, His Alma Mater Chronicling Low S Escape From Nazi Occupied Austria To His Helping Land A Man On The Moon, The Ultimate Engineer Sheds New Light On One Of The Most Fascinating And Complex Personalities Of The Golden Age Of US Manned Space Travel After reading this book I felt like I really knew George Low So well written Richard Jurek does a masterful job of describing the amazing life of one of NASA s truly unsung heroes of the Apollo program Unlike many biographies, the Ultimate Engineer is not a tome and every page is worth the read Jurek provides a wonderful description of a man who truly did so much to advance our nation s space program And Low did it with such amazing humility, skill and perseverance A fascinating read about one of the most important contributors to our space program written in a descriptive and easy to read style I could not put it down Ù The Ultimate Engineer (Outward Odyssey: A People's History of Spaceflight) Ù The author Richard Jurek brings to life a fascinating subject in the history of US Space history George Low, while a chief engineer, he evolves into the architect of the Mercury through Apollo manned flight, as well as an instrumental influence in the development of the Shuttle program Jurek covers the arc of his remarkable career and weaves drama from the start with the young Low s family abandoning considerable wealth and stature escaping Nazi Germany and emigrating to the United States to his disciplined education and progression through his extraordinary career His desire to get his hands dirty and explore every aspect of the building of spacecrafts brings to life the experience of the astronauts and the work of the 10s of thousands of hard working Americans dedicated to the success of our space program Low was a pionee When the public thinks of the Apollo Moonlandings they remember astronauts such as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and perhaps a few of the flight directors like Chris Kraft and Gene Kranz But there were a number of unsung heroes who do not have the recognition and gratitude that they deserve At the top of the list is George Low, the brilliant Austrian born engineer who played a vital role in the U.
S space program in the 1960s and 1970s At various times he was NASA s head of manned spaceflight, deputy director of the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, Apollo Spacecraft Program Manager, NASA Deputy Administrator and for 9 months Acting NASA Administrator He was NASA s go to guy in many situations, most notably in leading NASA s recovery from the January, 196

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