The existential adventure novel that served as the basis for two extraordinary films, Clouzot s The Wages of Fear and Friedkin s Sorcerer It s a decent read, though the translation lacks the sort of muscularity that s essential for this kind of story Some faults can also be laid at Arnaud s feet there are some baffling factual blunders in here that undermine his storytelling authority Anyway Some people say the book is always better Not true at all.
Novel la trepidant amb un ritme creixent que enganxa i molt, sense deixar de costat una elevada qualitat liter ria Un estil directe, sense p ls a la llengua i que et remou per dintre Es distingeixen dos parts ben diferenciades, la primera, la introducci , presentaci de l escenari i personatges Segona part, el neguit s viatge cap al lloc on s ha produ t l accident Georges Arnaud aconsegueix integrar te en la pell dels magn ficament caracteritzats personatges, et transmet la seva por a trav s d aquest cam cap a lo m s obsc i tenebr s de l sser hum Un cam cap a la bogeria d uns homes, que no els hi queda esperan a Recorda sens dubte El cor de les tenebres de Joseph Conrad Obra m s que notable Reminisc ncies existencialistes i nihilistes pr pies d aquesta poca de la liter Los escritores franceses criados en tiempos de guerra parecen estar tocados por la turbulencia moral y su inclinaci n a retratar el mal y el miedo m s cerval A diferencia de otros coet neos, Henri Girard no fue colaboracionista ni criminal, pero s bohemio y amante de los peque os placeres de la vida Y, sin embargo, acab prisionero en varias c rceles, junto a los frutos de una sociedad podrida desde su misma ra z, acusado de unos homicidios de los que nadie supo aclarar si fue su autor El nico asesinato en la vida de Henri Girard fue el de su propia identidad, que rechaz violentamente al salir de la c rcel As , parapetado tras el nombre de Georges Arnaud, inici un viaje hacia el fin del mundo que le llev hasta Am rica del Sur, donde se mezclar a con el clima de delincuencia e inmora » Le salaire de la peur Ý Quand un tre humain risque sa peau pour quelques sous

Que suspense Lido ap s ter visto O Comboio do Medo, de Friedkin, e O Sal rio do Medo, de Clouzot Gostei ainda mais do filme de Clouzot, mas o livro timo.
Drivers Wanted Dangerous work High pay.
DRIVERS WANTED, DANGEROUS WORK HIGH PAY French writers in wartime seem to be touched by the moral turbulence and a inclination to portray evil and the most mortally afraid Le salaire de la peur is, to some extent, a story of fiction disguising the moral collapse and agony that Arnaud himself lived in his descent into hell, a radiography the baser passions of human beings Arnaud, who like their wretched antiheroes also was truck driver, it shows that slow journey as if it were Charon s boat guiding lost souls to their end.
Published In , Georges Arnaud S The Wages Of Fear Is An Unbearably Tense Classic Thriller About Men With Nothing To Lose In The Toughest Place On EarthWhen The Crude Oil Corporation S NumberWell Blows Its Top, The Only Available Explosive To Halt The Gushing Blast Of Flame And Smoke Is Nitroglycerine And That IsMiles AwayThis Is The Reason For The Hastily Written Sign In Las Piedras DRIVERS WANTED, DANGEROUS WORK HIGH PAYThree Men Have To Drive A Lorry All The Way To [ Pdf Le salaire de la peur ë logic PDF ] by Georges Arnaud Ú That Oil Field, Over Rough Mountain Roads Spattered With Boulders And Potholes, Through A Whole Night, Under A Burning Tropical Sun The Lorry Has To Travel ThoseMiles With No Special Safety Devices, And Hastily Adapted Tanks Carrying Half A Ton Of Explosives That Could Reduce It To Dust At The Slightest Jolt Twice Adapted As Award Winning Films, The Wages Of Fear Will Soon Be A Major Movie From Acclaimed Director Ben Wheatley High Rise

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