Ahoy there me mateys! I fell in love with Roz in the first book, the wild robot.
While I try to post no spoilers, if ye haven’t read the first book then ye might want to skip this post.
If ye keep reading this log then ye have been forewarned and continue at yer own peril .

It was wonderful to be readin’ about Roz again and seeing how she handles the new obstacles in her path.
Unlike the first book that happens in the wild, this book finds Roz dealing with humans and farming and cities.
As always she is gregarious, hardworking, thoughtful, compassionate, and fabulous.
I adored her entire time working on the farm.

Another quick and lovely read by the author.
His illustrations were wonderful and heartwarming.
While I be satisfied with the conclusion of the series, closing that final page was bittersweet.
I w I literally gasped aloud when I opened the package and found this inside.
There might have been bright lights and trumpet music.

Every now and then, miracles do occur in Readerland.

Aw, Roz's story is just so sweet, and this second book was even better than the first one.
I enjoyed the story much more, and I am so glad I read both of these.
Roz and all her animal friends are absolutely adorable! I was hoping for a sequel, and luckily enough, my wish was granted.

It was a pleasure to see Roz again, because she truly is the most wonderful robot I have ever met, and this comes straight from the mouth of someone who, as a general rule, would rather read about anything other than metallic creatures.

But Roz is like no other existing robot.
For one, she can speak to animals, not only humans.
Moreover, she genuinely cares about the world and its inhabitants, not because she was programmed to, but because she discovered that there is true beauty on the planet and that the people/animals on it contribute to it.

In this story, Roz is separated from the community she managed to become part of on the island that became her home.
Most heartbreaking of all, she is separated from her son We listened to The Wild Robot on a western car trip, as we often do.
It’s a middle grades book about Roz, a ROZZUM unit 7134 robot who is meant to be delivered but the plane crashes on a remote Pacific island.
Roz is mean tto serve humans, to adapt to their needs, but what happens when she only finds animals on the island, some of whom threaten her.
The literature on AI—such as Philip K.
Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and so on—explores the possibility for empathy in robots, and so this tale test that notion out.
Roz adopts Brightbill, a gosling, as her child, and makes friends on the island by being nice and helpful with all sorts of other creatures.
Roz is a free robot who gets wild to be one with the wild animals! I thought it was good, but the family (being younger?) liked it even better.

This is the second book in the The Wild Robot duology.
At the end of the first book, Roz was taken onto a ship to take her back to her makers and away from the friends and family she had made on the island since having been shipwrecked there.

So we go from a lush green landscape full of animals and games to streets and buildings and robots working for humans.
Since Roz is just another thing for the people there, she gets refurbished and is sold cheaply to a family to work on their farm.

From there we follow Roz and "her" humans and see Roz interact with the farm ani Ò The Wild Robot Escapes (The Wild Robot, #2) Ò 44.
25 stars

What a wonderful ending to this duology!

It was interesting seeing Roz live among a family and be used as she was meant to.
I love how the author kept the robotic tendencies while showing off Roz’s nature.
It made me happy how the author showed rural and urban lifestyles.
Everything about this book was just great! 'The Wild Robot Escapes' is the middlegrade sequel to the 'The Wild Robot' both written and illustrated by New York Times bestselling children's author/illustrator Peter Brown.
Both books received widespread acclaim, with the first winning and being nominated for many awards.

In the first book we met Roz who has many questions as she opens her eyes for the first time and finds herself on a remote desert island completely alone.
But she isn't as alone as she thinks and she soon discovers that she can learn a lot from the island's animal inhabitants.
Time passes and the once harsh island begins to feel like home to Roz but then her past comes back to haunt her.

'The Wild Robot Escapes' follows on from where the last book left offRoz has been captured and refurbished ready to be put to work on Hilltop Farm for the Shreef family.
Typical of Roz, she befri 3,5*This was not as good as the first one but I still had a really good time.
The illustrations are absolutely adorable and I enjoy Roz as a character a lot.
The Wild Robot Brown, Peter Livres Wall E Meets Hatchet In This New York Times Bestselling Illustrated Middle Grade Novel From Caldecott Honor Winner Peter Brown Can A Robot Survive In The Wilderness When Robot Roz Opens Her Eyes For The First Time, She Discovers That She Is All Alone On A Remote, Wild IslandThe Wild Robot Brown, Peter Livres NotRetrouvez The Wild Robot Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion The Wild Robot We Offer A Variety Of Retro [Peter Brown] õ The Wild Robot Escapes (The Wild Robot, #2) [basketball PDF] Ebook Epub Download à Tin Metal Signs Fridge Magnets Pop Culture T Shirts Vintage And Modern Mask Cards Toys And Collectibles The Wild Robot The Wild Robot The Wild Robot,by Peter Brown The Wild Robot Is Essentially A Survival Story Not Quite As Scary As The Hatchet, But It Definitely Doesn T Shy Away From Basic Facts Of Violence In Nature Including Humans But What I Love Mos This Book Will Do For Robots What Charlotte S Web Did For Pigs The Wild Robot Is A Beautiful Parable About Be The First To Respond The Wild Robot Is A Beautiful Parable About Humanity Disguised As A Middle Grade Book The One Book You Need To read This Year, No Matter How Old You Are Download The Wild Robot Audiobook By Peter When Robot Roz Opens Her Eyes For The First Time, She Discovers That She Is Alone On A Remote, Wild Island She Has No Idea How She Got There Or What Her Purpose Is But She Knows She Needs To Survive After Battling A Violent Storm And Escaping A Vicious Bear Attack, She Realizes That Her Only Hope For Survival Is To Adapt To Her Surroundings And Learn From The Island S Unwelcoming AnimalThe Wild Robot By Peter Brown YouTube ChaptersThe SpringThe FishThe Robot StoriesThe ReturnThe JourneyThe Special RobotThe Invitation The Wild Robot The Bigger The Handful Theintense The Tartness The Size Is About That Of A Pea, The Shape Iscylindrical Than Spherical The Five original Flavors Cherry,orange,grape,lime And Lemon Are Back Leaf Brands Kicked It Up A Gear And Introduced Blue Raspberry To The Already Stellar Line Up PDF The Wild Robot Download read Online Free The Wild Robot Escapes Book Summary The Sequel To The Bestselling The Wild Robot, By Award Winning Author Peter Brown Shipwrecked On A Remote, Wild Island, Robot Roz Learned From The Unwelcoming Animal Inhabitants And Adapted To Her Surroundings But Can She Survive The Challenges Of The Civilized World And Find Her Way Home To Brightbill And The Island

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