Of course the kids of Trump supporters think that Priuses which, by the way, are still mass transit killing, fossil fuel burning luxury items manufactured by the automotive industry, so, yes, extremely granola are effeminate and embarrassing, virtue signaling for cucks, because waste is manly and destruction is manly and real manly men drive trucks guns bang bang toot toot truck deer beer mud truck vroom black smoke logging antlers tits fire and blood 3.
5 stars rounding up Lindy is just so kick a , I wanted to like this book than I actually did Her ideas are spot on and in alignment with my personal beliefs, her stories are engaging, and she s a great story teller Plus bonus for me she s my age and lives in my city so part of me thinks we d be besties if we met in real life My beef with this book might be Lindy West at her best including her essay Ted Bundy Was Not Charming Are You High and everything I needed to read, hear, digest, and think about right now from One Of Esquire S Most Anticipated books Of The Firebrand New York Times Columnist And Bestselling Author Of Shrill Soon To Be A Hulu Series Starring Aidy Bryant Provides A Brilliant And Incisive Look At How Patriarchy, Intolerance, And Misogyny Have Conquered Not Just Politics But American Culture Itself What Do Adam Sandler, Donald Trump, And South Park Have In Common Why Are Myths Like Reverse Sexism And Political Correctness So Seductive And Why Do Movie Classics Of Yore, From Sixteen Candles To Revenge [ Pdf The Witches Are Coming ↠´ church PDF ] by Lindy West ↠´ Of The Nerds, Make Rape Look Like So Much Silly Fun With Lindy West S Signature Wit And In Her Uniquely Incendiary Voice, The Witches Are Coming Lays Out A Grand Theory Of America That Explains Why Trump S Election Was, In Many Ways, A Foregone Conclusion As West Reveals Through Fascinating Journeys Across The Landscapes Of Pop Culture, The Lies That Fostered The Catastrophic Resentment That Boiled Over In The Presidential Race Did Not Spring From A Vacuum They Have In Fact Been Woven Into America S DNA, Cultivated By Generations Of Mediocre White Men And Fed To The Masses With Such Fury That We Have Become Unable To Recognize Them As Lies At All Whether It Be The Notion Overheard Since The Earliest Moments Of The MeToo Movement That Feminism Has Gone Too Far Or The Insistence That Holding Someone Accountable For His Actions Amounts To A Witch Hunt, The Witches Are Coming Exposes The Lies That Many Have Chosen To Believe And The Often Unexpected Figures Who Have Furthered Them Along The Way, It Unravels The Tightening Link Between Culture And Politics, Identifying In The Memes, Music, And Movies We Ve Loved The Seeds Of The Neoreactionary Movement Now Surging Through The Nation Sprawling, Funny, Scorching, And Illuminating, The Witches Are Comingshows West At The Top Of Her Intellectual And Comic Powers As Much A Celebration Of America S Potential As A Condemnation Of Our Failures, Some Will Call It A Witch Hunt To Which West Would Reply, So Be It I M A Witch And I M Hunting You I loved Shrill, so when I saw this was coming, I knew I had to read it I love Lindy s voice, her humor makes some of these upsetting topics easier to read about, and she s accessible, nothing overly complicated or hard to follow Reading this got me excited to watch her show, and I d definitely pick up anything by her in the future.
The Witches Are Coming Ö 3.
5 I received an advanced reader s copy in exchange for an honest review This is the freshest feminist pop culture book I ve read in a long thing The genre basically died out into thousand and eight due to being overworked to death, but West s book fills in a lot of the gap s in a very considerate way that is also very entertaining I ve been reading 3rd 4th Wave feminist books for the past 25 years and I don t see much that I haven t read before, but this one was special and I recommend it to both young and old feminists who stillreally want to talk about Adam Carolla and South Park as threats to progressive thought in 2019 You can hate someone and love them at the same time Maybe that s a natural side effect of searching for heroes in a world not built for you Raw and confessional and irreverently funny,The Witches Are Comingis a tour de force that takes everything happening in our current cultural climate and holds it up to the light As with any collection of essays there are stronger and weaker topics, but Lindy West manages to show how everything is connected in unexpected ways such as her essay about microphones and how it ties into toxic masculinity This book felt like sitting on your best friend s back porch on a summer night, drinking and talking about anything and everything which is a real credit to West and her style of writingA special thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a f LINDY YES.
I highlighted like most of this book.

This was goddamn incredible a fantastic, funny, insightful clapback of a book I sometimes incorporate my favorite quotes from a work in a review, but if I did that with The Witches Are Coming, I d be copying and pasting the whole book This was my first read from Lindy West, and I was astounded at how much I love her writing She discusses serious issues here, the most pressing and infuriating issues of our moment, but couches them in brilliant and funny entryways to make them accessible and inarguable to anyone If your politics are even 20% similar to West, you will be snapping along so hard your fingers will fall off She discusses how America is intensely allergic to acknowledging when things are wrong through the story of Grumpy Cat s real name or Chip and Joanna Gaines s religious affiliation She discusses the farcicality of witch hunts and sh 3.
5 stars I m a bit conflicted on this one but I can t bring myself to rate it less than 4 stars because a I love Lindy West and want her to succeed b I enjoyed parts of this immensely there were moments that made me think, moments that made me feel I got teary eyed over Guy Fieri for gods sakes West writes in this way that is so chatty and fun and easy to read that I kept having these little fissures of shock every time I remembered that, oh yeah, she s also really fucken smart.
So why, then, did this not totally rock my world Why did I find myself wanting to skim through chunks of it I think that for me a lot of it felt like a retread Maybe it s that I ve done a lot reading on various feminist social i

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