This is a must read, actually written by an old friend While it feels wrong to call the story of person s personal trauma, despair, grieving and ultimate recovery a page turner, The Year After is one I could not put down Ashley Warner has shared her personal journey in a beautifully written, heart wrenching, candid and sometimes humorous manner that taught this readerthan any textbook could about the emotional destruction of rape Very hard to believe this is her first book read it.
Ashley s memoir is an honest, authentic account of her expereince and healing after rape This book is an important account by a seasoned, intelligent psychoanalyst A must for therapists and those who have suffered the horror of rape.

Ashley Warner has a lot of guts to tell about her rape experience and even , she reported it to police and went through the trial of the rapist In The Year After, she tells in simple language and in short chapters her whole experience from before it happened to twenty years after.
She was living in low rent apartment in New York when a man came up behind her as she opened the door She was in shock then and after the attack, she could not breath with the man s hands so tight around her neck She describes the painful experience and what she was thinking while it happened She went back to her childhood and described her grandparents who she felt so at home with yet her own divorced parents who could not provide the comfort and the support that she wanted so much Some of her friends figured out how to relate to her but it was very difficult to find the comfort and support t Amazingly written Describes the healing journey of the author Ashely Warner who s now a psychoanalyst and offers hope for those who are in the same boat Indeed, past experiences do not define who we are nevertheless, they may very well have shaped us and made us who we really are now An interesting read especially for those who are interested in psychology and feminism.
Regular people like Ashley Warner become remarkable when they write books like this The honesty tears as in rips, although my eyes became moistthan once into the narrative making itreal than the many stories we have read before No matter how hard some authors try to tell a rape story, they just don t get it right unless, tragically, they have been through it personally So, I thank Warner for baring her soul along with her story And for the positiveness of it That is rare Good for you that at some point 7 years 11 years you are strong I don t know if Warner has written again, I ll be sure to read anything she has.
It holds you until you are done moving story that shows the deep pain that someone can survive.
Ö The Year After × This was a eye opening story It shed light on a tragedy in a very unique way However I think some of the details were false or exaggerated I think the use of race was ignorant and unnecessary I guarantee you did not hear that statement at the aid office because Caucasians were using financial aid back when it was called welfare before anybody There areCaucasians on financial aid and honestly, rape victims are not handicapped Unless she was trying to acquire a medical card for therapy I didn t understand the purpose of her trying to get assistance It enticed me enough to keep reading however this wasn t the best story.
to say that I am grateful for this book would be the understatement of the decade dog eared, my copy of this book is well worn relating to something on each page, this book told stories I could have and likely still will written myself.
I am in my first year after, technically though it s been 17 since my, you know and this book is an essential for anyone wanting to not feel like she s damaged or bad, wrong or unhinged this book is amazing I can t say enough about it.
Unflinching Honesty And Unsinkable Spirit, The Year After Offers A Rare And Intimate Portrait Of Trauma Inspired By original Journal Entries, The Daily Challenges Of Recovery From Rape At The Restless Age OfAre Artfully Interwoven With Reflections From Early Childhood And Twenty Years Beyond In The Search For Understanding So Familiar To Those Who Have Wrestled With Life Changing Upheaval Now A Psychoanalyst, Warner Subtly Brings A Forward Looking Perspective To The Narrative While Remaining True To The Arduous Journey Through [Ashley Warner] ☆ The Year After [danish PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Emotional Volatility, Interpersonal Conflict, And The Tasks Of Criminal Prosecution After The Rapist Is Identified In A Lineup The Result Is An Empowering Memoir About The Courage To Heal And The Promise Of Peace This book details withing its pages the path the author took to deal with rape I think this is a book that should be read People who have been through this ordeal can learn one way of helping themselves recover and family members and friends of them should read it too in order to gain some perspective on the roller coaster survivors can go through It s worthwhile to listen won as a GoodReads Giveaway

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