I m happy to know how everything in this series ended up While I know I rated it lower than the others, I think that may be because the things in the first two that I didn t enjoy so much continued to annoy me The characters always seem to reset in terms of their flaws, and they have to work on them all over again Things were also really convenient which as you all know, bothers me That said, I love Baldwin He is my favorite Definitely the best character in the entire series He and Helen were worth being frustrated by other things.
4 3.
5, Goodreads , Armstrong ,.
5 stars.
Hey, Fen is finally on the cover

Not quite a four star read but it was a good series overall so I m rounding up This book was a little frantic and crowded with the kids dashing around into different side adventures that I didn t always quite understand the purpose of in the greater narrative But it s a fun adventure for the middle grade set Definitely for younger kids though It has an innocence that you don t see as much any, though it still has a few serious themes like the stuff between Matt and his grandfather, it doesn t get much serious than that, or actually fighting people to the death to try and save the world from Ragnarok, pretty serious.
Ö Thor's Serpents ò Thor s Serpents is a great ending to this series Just as packed with action as the previous books and it certainly ups the pace and the tension with the end of the world coming close by This books builds towards the big battle, while also putting the characters in other situations and obstacles they need to overcome first It was a fun and enjoyable book, although maybe a little bit serious than the first two because the end of the world is so close now There are still enough lighter scenes and jokes to mix it up with I really enjoyed this book and once I started reading I had a hard time putting it down And the artwork was awesome as always, it s fun to see some of the scenes depicted with in the artwork The artworks is really done well and fits the scene and I like the art style.
There are some interesting plots 3.
5It was still a lot of fun but the ending left me a little flat It ended just about the way I expected and when I finished the book I just sort of wondered why Ragnarok was such a big deal anyway The first two are better.
5 starsReview originally posted at RabidReads.
I thought this was a great ending to this trilogy It picks up right where Odin s Ravens left off Matt knows that he is going to be Thor s champion in the battle at Ragnarok He has several friends that have been traveling with him throughout the stories that are champions for Loki, Odin, Baldwin, Freya and Frey In the first two books the kids have learn a lot and have really become a team At the end of the previous book, it seems that one character going in a different direction than all the other characters This starts this story off with the relationships tested between all of the friends They ve come so far, but yet still have so far to go.
I enjoyed the ending I thought it wrapped up the story really well I loved how these two authors brought the real life attractions like the muse Fans Of Percy Jackson And The Olympians, The Thrilling Conclusion To The Blackwell Pages, Written By New York Times Bestselling YA Authors, KL Armstrong And MA Marr Thirteen Year Olds Matt, Laurie, And Fen Have Beaten Near Impossible Odds To Assemble Their Fellow Descendants Of The Norse Gods And Complete Epic Quests Their Biggest Challenge Lies Ahead Battling The Fierce Monsters Working To Bring About The Apocalypse But When They Learn That Matt Must Fight The Midgard Serpent Alone And [ Pdf Thor's Serpents á world-of-darkness PDF ] by K.
Armstrong ó Fen And Laurie Are Pulled In Other Directions, The Friends Realize They Can T Take Every Step Of This Journey Together Matt, Laurie, And Fen Will Each Have To Fight Their Own Battles To Survive, To Be True To Themselves, And To One Another With Nothing Less Than The Fate Of The World Hanging In The Balance It feels like this book was thrown together so the authors could finish the story and move on to something better It didn t have the build of the first 2 books in the series, and the end fell flat when they decided to have the grandpa show up in the battle to say something like Sorry, now give me the stuff and I ll win Forget everything I ve done over the past 2 books trying to bring the other side to victory through his new actions It was the quickest way to bring that conflict to a close, but didn t satisfy the build up to it This last book was of a let down than a good read.
Maybe they are assuming that middle grade readers will be okay with that As an adult, I try to read everything my children do I like to know what my children have been assigned at school and what they choose to read I also love the discussions I liked reading this book but I couldn t get into it, I d lost the hype I had half a year ago when I found out about it and the even bigger hype when I first read the two other books The fighting wasn t until the end although there was some through and through, the big battle wasn t until the very last 100 pages of the book besides the point it very pretty good and i like the way it ended

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