5 stars I enjoyed the stories, but I thought they could use a littlekick Would still definitely check out Volume 2 if they ever come out with one.
This was new I was always a fan of Trese stories after I found out about them The brilliant words of Budjette Tan and exceptional artwork of Kajo Baldisimo was always captivating Stories from the Diabolical though, well it branches out from a usual Trese story It slike a spin off tale told by The Diabolical s bartender Hank Sparrow The Diabolical is kind of like Trese s Batcave, atleast according to Budjette that is And well which profession is it that always had awesome stories to tell when you re in a bar It s always the bartender Right Anyhow, this book is mainly consists of short stories accompanied with a few illustrations It s actually not a graphic novel or a comic book It s a collection of a few prel I just love Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo s Trese graphic novels I think it s brilliant how they are able to do a re telling of Philippine folklore that resounds to people from almost all age groups This time around, they have released Trese Stories from the Diabolical, which features ghostly tales as told by Hank Sparrow, The Diabolical s resident bartender As Tan noted in the foreword, most of the stories were edited out in the graphic novels but were later on featured in a blog of the same title The stories were likewise illustrated, albeit from artists such as Mark Torres and Elbert Or The Visprint published version on the other hand was illustrated by Baldisimo.
I read the entire book under two hours or so Tan s stories were crisp, succinct, and straightforward that I couldn t help but turn page after page, while Baldisimo outdid himself by giving each story a different flavor wit Outtakes from the successful Trese franchise, now counting six volumes Readers of the Budjette Kajo collaboration were not served that well by the minor feel of the stories developing in the same same vein There are twists in the endings, alright, but they didn t feel as novel as the ones explored in the earlier graphic novels The stories lacked the fresh bites of sharpened vampire fangs My eyes did not pop out of their sockets like they did in the best episodes of the previous installments The oldest story here harked back to five years ago, when the debut volume, Trese Murder on Balete Drive, came out to gain such strong following as to generate excitement every Komikon event and to sustain wide popular readership One would think that the stories would have been polished now, at To The Diabolical My Name Is Hank I Ll Be Your Bartender For TonightWhat Will It Be Don T Tell Me I Know Exactly What You Want To DrinkSo, What S On Your Mind You Have A Story To Tell You Ve Come To The Right Place I Ve Got Some Interesting Stories As WellHave You Heard The One About The Ghost Who Walked In The Bar The One Who Kept Download Epub Format × Trese: Stories from the Diabolical, Volume 1 PDF by ☆ Budjette Tan Coming Back, Waiting For The Arrival Of That Certain Someone What About The Guy Who Had Coffee With His Dead Girlfriend Or The Story Of The Spectral Christmas Carolers And Then There S That Strange Tale Of All Those Senior Citizens Who Watched The Last Full Show And Never Came OutNo Haven T Heard Those Well, Have Another Drink And I Ll Tell You All About It

This is one of the main reasons why I attended Aklatan 2013 It was one of the three books being launched by Visprint Publication.
These side stories, or as some would term them as supplemental stories for the Trese series, especially the story One Last Drink at the Diabolical are really nice to be read as they give us a wider perspective of the world of Trese.
It really is a nice goodie while we await the release of the 6th book about the 6th child of the 6th child of Trese in the Winter Komikon 2013More of my review at Not to take anything away from Budjette s words but for me, the highlight of this book is Kajo s art I am absolutely in love with the way he illustrated the stories and his use of different types of pens I wish I had even just a tiny bit of his talent I cannot wait to see readstories from the Diabolical And I hope one day I get to meet Hank Sparrow.
æ Trese: Stories from the Diabolical, Volume 1 É Without having done my research and just having the notion that Trese is a popular title, the staff at this comic book store I forgot which one assured me that this was first volume of Trese Well, they are technically right, in the sense that this is the first volume of a spin off seriesNevertheless, I think it was still a good introductory book for me to the underground world of Trese I think it was well made because I got a gist of the main characters even without prior knowledge of the main series In fact, it got me hooked to read the main series I ll definitely buy it the next time I go out D 5 stars, of course Budjette and Kajo just turned the embers of my fangirling over Tres into full flames again with their latest release, Trese Stories from the Diabolical Volume 1 I think it s scary for writers to write a sequel, or an off shoot, of a popular book series because the sequel might not be as well received However, with this latest juicy book, Budjette and Kajo has got the goods oops,pressure Heck, the intro alone by Budjette has got me quivering in excitement for the first page Trese Stories from the Diabolical Volume 1 is divided into five short stories peppered with ghosts, spilling intestines, and lots of alcohol my favorite is The Usual Spot The protagonists of the story all come into the Diabolical, the bar owned and managed by Alexandra Trese, and bar tended by Hank With Hank s penchant for k Another brilliant addition to my TRESE collection from the master, Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo Filipino urban fantasy, dark noir at its best.
If you have not read any volumes of TRESE, this could be a good way to start as the original prequel of a story, One Last Drink at the Diabolical is included.
But if you already are familiar and love TRESE, the Kambal and those back stories what we never gotten around to read about, then this first compilation is for you or rather for us.
My fave story in this Volume is The Usual Spot The senti and hopeless romantic in me is so touched by this story and makes me wonder if Master Budjette foresees a love angle for our beloved heroine in the near future But for now, you gotta get this and add to your TRESE collection Or better yet read them all again.

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