I like the book Its very spiritual and shows the softer or, let me rephrase that, the spiritual side of the royals I still have a long way but once i finish reading the book, will write a conclusion to my review So far, so good.
Simply a must read I have read it many times Finally the truth about The Martyr Queen.
Fruit Of Years Of Research, TRIANON Corrects Many Of The Popular Misconceptions About Louis XVI And Marie Antoinette The Novel Chronicles Their Resolution And Dignity In The Face Of Crushing Disappointments, Innumerable Humiliations, Personal And National Tragedy, And Death Itself What Distinguishes This Short And Readable Book From Others Is Vidal S Examining Their Lives In Light Of Their Catholic Faith In A Country That, Until The Revolution, Was The Eldest Download Epub Format ☆ Trianon: A Novel of Royal France PDF by ï Elena Maria Vidal Daughter Of The Church Mike May, Pittsburgh Magazine, MarchExhaustively Researched And Yet Completely Accessible For Those Who Wish To Understand The Events From A Very Personal Perspective Genevieve Kineke, Canticle Magazine, May June, A wonderful read and a different and challenging take on Louis and Marie Antoinette.
The dialogue seemed a bit contrived to me, and I think it would have benefited from a simpler writing style, but Elena Vidal s brilliant interpretation of Marie Antoinette s lifethan makes up for any literary faults with its honest and beautiful depiction of famous and some not so famous historical personalities and its white knuckled faithfulness to actual events I did find her take on Louis XVI to be a bit too sympathetic in my opinion, though This book felt like a drink of water compared to all of the complete crap about Marie Antoinette that has been shoved down our throats by popular histories , novels, and films.
A less than valiant attempt by the author to raise some compassion for Marie Antoinette Without a dog in the fight, I was ready to be swayed and brought to my knees in anger at the relentless, unfair treatment of the royal family during la Revolution Sadly Vidal offered no tangible evidence that dissuade the notion that Antoinette was entirely disconnected from the trials of the poor or to support the fact that she was completely innocent of the claims laid against her by multiple historians With today s pop culture media, I can surely appreciate that there were plenty of exaggerations and even gasp total lies circulated about the Queen As an example, I certainly do NOT believe that a daughter of Marie Theresa would ever climb atop and dance the length of a dining table in front of courtly guests, as a particular handbill of the time proclaims But do Å Trianon: A Novel of Royal France à A very good story of Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution It cuts through a lot of the myths that surround her, and the French Revolution My only warning is that the story isn t seen through the eyes of the same person forthan one chapter, and it is not in chronological order So the material in the story is extremely good, but it could have perhaps been written better style wise.
Wow As a child in public school in the US, I never thought to question what I was taught I believed my history lessons about the French revolution to be true As a grown Catholic, I have been finding that a lot of the history books have been very skewed For abalanced view of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, please read this book

Fan fiction, and bad fan fiction at that The most common mistake early fan fiction writers made was the creation of a Mary Sue In prehistoric Star Trek fan fic, the Mary Sue was usually the female ensign that was brilliant, reserved and beautiful only to the special few who could see past her reserve This might be Kirk, once Ensign Mary Sue had saved them from attacking Romulans As fan fic expanded, the Mary Sue included both fangirls and fanboys.
Why write fan fic A lot of reasons, but at least one is that you don t like the way the characters are handled canonically , i.
e either by the original authors or those charged with them For example, despite J.
K Rowling s firm objections, there is a flourishing Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy Are a Couple fan fic genre one of the first things fan fic did was establish a slash genre, in which couples were paired The couples were usually ch The public square separated from God is a place where all hell breaks lose literally The feudal system was destined for the trash heap, that is a given, but was devotion to God and all the associated virtues derived from that devotion, to be dispatched as well Well the French Revolution demonstrates the evil that results from man s separation, coerced initially, then physically forced , from God s laws and commandments It has been repeated time and again, starting with the fall of man and progressing to the Babylonian exile and wandering in the dessert for 40 years, when it should have lasted but a few weeks Bad things happen when God s laws are ignored or usurped by man History, written by man has portrayed the French Revolution as enlightened how wrong they have been It gave rise to the monster of Bonaparte and re invigorated by Hitler The sad thing is, it will happen again or

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