I love pirates and this is definitely right up my ravishment alley As usual Carolyn writes amazing non con with exceptional characters who resonate, explicit corporal punishment and sex scenes that heat up the pages to scorching, and an interesting plot that lets the story flow This is harsher than some of her other historical type novels so be warned this is not just spanking this one has that luscious noncon flavor such as Tria If you enjoyed that you will like this It s not quite as harsh but it is just as good Shiver me timber.
this is about Anjel the pirate who rules his ship by the lash and Cassie who will learn obedience in the capt n bedchamber.
the lass gets spanked and a whipping in front of the swabbies.
Arrrplenty of sexy times.
Fare thee well maity.
New From Carolyn Faulkner Visit YouTube To Watch Trailer Embarrassed By What She D Seen Transpire Between Her Mother And Stepfather, Cassandra Recklessly Dashes Out Into The Night When She Spies A Pirate Ship At Anchor, And A Swarm Of Pirates Scurrying On The Beach Like Rats In The Dark, She Hastens To Warn The Island S Residents By Ringing The Church Bell Strong Arms Grab Her, Tossing Her Over A Shoulder As The Pirate µ read ð Under the Lash by Carolyn Faulkner å Captain Hauls Her Back To His Ship And His Cabin, Where She Will Learn Intimately What It Means To Be Disciplined And Thoroughly Loved By A ManAnjel Had Assumed The Little Chit Dressed In Faded Garments To Be Nothing Than A Common Trollop He Is Unnerved To Discover That She Had Been A Virgin Still, She Is His To Do With As He Pleases, And It Pleases Him Greatly To Punish Her While Bringing Her To New Heights Of Desire Only When She Is Gravely Injured Does He Realize Just How Much She Has Come To Mean To Him, But By Then It Could Be Too Late Will She Ever Forgive Him Under the Lash was a fun, if cliched, pirate abduction story Perfect for Talk Like a Pirate Day no, that connection was unintended but a happy coincidence The way it was written was almost like a spoof of the genre.
Cassie starts out as a total and complete spoiled brat, getting herself abducted because of a TSTL decision She does grow into aresponsible and compassionate person by the end of the story, but her transitions are abrupt and without much explanation This is an on the surface only story, with Cassie doing an unexplained about face at the far too sudden end There were several writing errors, but they did not greatly reduce my enjoyment of the story.
I recommend this to anyone in the mood for a short, fun, sexy read, with some rather hot and heavy spankings both bare handed and with implements.
This is the most loathsome book I ve ever read in a genre that all too frequently tries to disguise abuse as kink.
Pirate PunishmentI love Carolyn Faulkner s work especially her pirate stories Bravo on this one which was well done It was the battle of the wills between two memorable characters.
Under the Lash ï Cassandra is a spoiled young woman After her father died and her mother remarried and man that Cassandra has no desire to get to know he moves them to an island Cassandra isnt happy about this and after witnessing her stepfather spanking her mother she runs away As she is wrapped up in feeling sorry for herself she finds herself right in the middle of pirates coming ashore and makes a mad dash for the bell tower to warn the island Anjel could not let her alert the island so he kidnaps her and brings her aboard his ship Anjel decides she is his to do with as he pleases and to punish When the ship is attempted to be seized but another many of Anjel crew are hurt and she decides to help them and gets shot in the process She grow I really enjoyed the story of Cassie and Anjel I appreciate that this story was very unique and not like a lot of other spanking stories This one was dark with a pirate who acted well like a pirate And a young lady who while confused by her physical reaction still acted afraid and there was no instant love match like you see in so many other ravaging pirate tales While this story is not super long it packs a lot of plot and emotion into the 120 pages by my Nook s count I really loved the development of Anjel as a character and to see his true moral fiber both when doing something you thought was horrible to something very sweet and of the two Anjel was the much stronger character to me no pun intended This was a great book and a wonderful way to start the new year off.

Horrible This was an immensely satisfying, if quickie, little book It took me a while to figure out what was going on with the writing style, since I ve read other books by Ms Faulkner that were quite different This is a historical romance with light BDSM a spanking romance basically We are never bluntly told the time period, but clues are given based on clothes, setting, vocabulary and writing style In order to subtly hammer in the fact that the story takes place in the past, Ms Faulkner uses an old fashioned writing style where the narrator uses lots of explanation, less dialogue than we expect in modern books, and the narrator seems to be talking to the reader at times rather than simply related Fortunately, it isn t too flowery Another tactic is vocabulary that is old, such as nates and quim I was going to peg it as 1700s until I got to a part when one o

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