Apie Marin Abramovi a nebuvau gird jus nieko absoliu iai, bet vos pama ius Kit knyg leidyklos planuojam i leisti jos biografij kaip mat susidom jau Tikrai negaliu paai kinti kod l Knyg pasidovanojau Kal d proga Taip, taip puikus pasiteisinimas sau perkant ka kelint knyg , kai Knyg klubas u bombarduoja nuolaidomis.
Knyg gavau ir pasijau iau kaip ma as vaikas Knygos pavartyti negalima kol nei lupate i apsaugin s pl vel s, tad smalsumo su adinimas tolygus ma daug 100% Na, o atsivertus supratau, k vienas bi iulis tur jo galvos sakydamas, jog Kit knyg leidiniai yra laaabai kokybi ki Pirmas klausimas kilo apie skylut i mu t per visus puslapius I keliau hipotez tai simbolis knygos pavadinimo Eiti kiaurai sienas Niekas to nepatvirtino, bet jei tai tiesa Amazing Kaip ir dera gerai biografijai knygoje daug nuotrauk ir ne iaip bet koki , o t , kurios suteikia did iu Perskai ius knyg s d jau, galvojau ir nerimavau Ne sivaizdavau kaip tokiai knygai para ysiu ap valg Tai viena toki knyg , kurias vertinti patiko nepatiko skal je ne manoma Kaip gali vertinti toki autobiografij Vertinti mogaus gyvenim Gali analizuoti ra ymo stili , vertim , vir el , kitas leidimo subtilybes Bet Marinos gyvenimo vertinti ne manoma Sunku patik ti beveik viskuo k perskai iau, ta iau viskas lygiai taip pat tikra kaip pati Marina Tai geriausia knyga, kuri teko iemet skaityti O kai man s klausia, ar verta j skaityti jei nieko apie meninink ne inai, atsakau taip, taip ir dar kart taip Apie Marin Abramovi pati beveik nieko ne inojau.
Kas ne ino, Marina Abramovi yra visame pasaulyje garsi performans k r ja Da niausiai jos pasirodymai okiruoja, mat ji jiems atiduoda vis save Savo k n , savo skausm , a aras, krau Had Experienced Absolute Freedom I Had Felt That My Body Was Without Boundaries, Limitless That Pain Didn T Matter, That Nothing Mattered At All And It Intoxicated Me In , Than , People Stood In Line At Marina Abramovi S MoMA Retrospective For The Chance To Sit Across From Her And Communicate With Her Nonverbally In An Unprecedented Durational Performance That Lasted Than Hours This Celebration Of Nearly Fifty Years Of Groundbreaking Performance Art Demonstrated Once Again That Marina Abramovi á read á Walk Through Walls by Marina Abramović á Is Truly A Force Of NatureThe Child Of Communist War Hero Parents Under Tito S Regime In Postwar Yugoslavia, She Was Raised With A Relentless Work Ethic Even As She Was Beginning To Build An International Artistic Career, Marina Lived At Home Under Her Mother S Abusive Control, Strictly Obeying A Pm Curfew But Nothing Could Quell Her Insatiable Curiosity, Her Desire To Connect With People, Or Her Distinctly Balkan Sense Of Humor All Of Which Informs Her Art And Her Life The Beating Heart Of Walk Through Walls Is An Operatic Love Story A Twelve Year Collaboration With Fellow Performance Artist Ulay, Much Of Which Was Spent Penniless In A Van Traveling Across Europe A Relationship That Began To Unravel And Came To A Dramatic End Atop The Great Wall Of ChinaMarina S Story, By Turns Moving, Epic, And Dryly Funny, Informs An Incomparable Artistic Career That Involves Pushing Her Body Past The Limits Of Fear, Pain, Exhaustion, And Danger In An Uncompromising Quest For Emotional And Spiritual Transformation A Remarkable Work Of Performance In Its Own Right, Walk Through Walls Is A Vivid And Powerful Rendering Of The Unparalleled Life Of An Extraordinary Artist I NEED IT Ik warm restjes op van Oudejaarsavond, drink er het bodempje bubbels van verleden jaar bij Verder is er het plan om van 2017 niet veel meer dan het goeie mee te nemen Mooi plan.
Maar auw, het is buiten het hart gerekend Vandaag heb ik Walk Through Walls uitgelezen, de memoires van Marina Abramovi.
Toen ik verleden week, in de kerstperiode van 2017, op een afgelegen plek de rust opzocht en in het boek begon, besloot Marina al snel mij een paar meppen te geven Ze vertelt samen met ghostwriter James Kaplan haar persoonlijke verhaal Bij zo n autobiografie moet je natuurlijk op je hoede zijn Er zijn geen ouders, geliefden, kunstkenners in de buurt die haar kunnen onderbreken om n en ander te nuanceren.
Ik denk dat ik van nature al een behoorlijk achterdochtige lezer ben en h Marina yra genijus Ko gero odis genijus tod l ir neturi moteri kos gimin s atitikmens, nes genijus yra ne mogus, ne vyras ir ne moteris Skai iau pasitaupydama Nei kentus nu jau film praeit e tadien Tai k skai iau po filmo, suk l trigub efekt Jaudina jos nei senkantis id j aruodas, rodos, visa m z aib s di jai ant kupros sikibus jos ilgus juodus plaukus ir klykia aus daryk, daryk, daryyyk Jaudina jos biografija nuo vaikyst s reikal iki meili nemeili Jaudina jos patirtys nuo siliejimo Australijos aborigen gretas iki Brazilijos aman seans S d iu su vis dar neu sidaran iais abtais koks gilus, koks spalvotas, koks a trus Marinos asmeninis ir k rybinis gyvenimas Jaudina jos noras eiti kiaurai sienas, pa adinant visas mogi k sias jusles, atsiverti pasauliui, susilieti su kosmosu per skausm , per nepatogumus, per k no ir sielos a ✓ Walk Through Walls é Incredible One of the great things about Marina s story is that it surely inspired a rigorous dedication to it telling in the ghost writer, who has meticulously constructed a narrative that it s impossible not to read in Marina s voice.
It s insane the number of times she s been prepared to die for art, and I get the feeling she isn t done trying yet.
The men in her life were mostly bullshit, and a handful of the women weren t that much better either but the ones who loved her along the path made sure her audience continued to build until today, when she effectively has a global stage.
Thanks to a ridiculously risky real estate deal decades ago, she wouldn t have needed to work ever again but try telling that to her.
Essential reading to fans and non fans alike, about the trials and tribulations of life, and how they n Atrod , kad akys pa ios slydo tekstu buvo domu ir tod l atrod , kad lengva Tik tas lengvumas labai apgaulingas A nenor iau b ti jos vietoje jokiu atveju ir jokioj situacijoj Ir net ne inau, ar i ties aviuosi jos i tverme ir paj gumais Turb t taip, nes visi performansai sp dingi Ir tikrai ne, nes visai nesuprantu, kam ty ia taip save kankinti.

I don t even have words for how much I adored this book My one word Goodreads review before I finishing gathering my thoughts was just Perfection Let s get this out of the way Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovi is a controversial figure, and much as I d love to shove her ghostwritten memoir into everyone s hands, I must admit that there are plenty of people who will remain thoroughly unmoved by it, and that s completely fine But I also want to clarify that I don t think it s essential for a reader to love or understand or even be familiar with her art in order to appreciate this The best thing to be while picking up this book is open minded.
Personally I love contemporary art, I love performance art, and I love Marina Abramovi , so this was always going to work for me But it still managed to exceed my expectations I think I was anticipating entertaining and instead I got reve ,,I realized that being an artist meant having immense freedom If I wanted to create something from dust or rubbish, I could do it M.
Meno performanco mociute vadinamos, Marinos Abramovic, memuarai dienorastis dokumentika gali ikvepti ir suzaveti daugeli skaitytoju Ir ne tik besidomincius vaizduojamuoju menu Savo istorija Marina pasakoja labai paprastai, su humoru, ir ne be ironijos.
ir kas mane pakerejo labai jau atvirai Knyga pravartu perskaityti, kad pasitikrintume savo miescionizmo ar snobizmo lygi Perskaityti butina

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