Ò Wed to a Stranger? (Hidden Identity #2) â Liked the idea behind this book but I have to say it was Mediocre at best.
I think the author would have been a bit better off if she hadn't flipped her female character's attitude to the male lead so quickly.
I can’t, in good conscience, recommend this book to anyone.
Not even to Harlequin fans! Now, I admit that I don’t read many Harlequin books….
in fact, I can’t remember the last time I read one….
but this one was pretty bad.
There are a few spoilers ahead, but since I don’t think you should read this, it doesn’t matter, right?

I didn’t like Fritzi at all.
Her name should have been Ditzi.
She was a very poor decision maker, beginning with her decision to take her baby to Alaska in the middle of winter and let’s not forget running off in the middle of a snowstorm to meet some stranger, whose only contact with her is a single phone call, in an empty schoolhouse.
David/Nathan didn’t come off as particularly noble.
I rolled my eyes so much in the first 100 pages that I almost didn’t finish it.
But by the time Fritzi was arrested on the spot for OMG, the female lead (just can't call her a heroine) was absolutely TSTL! Dumber than a box of rocks, heck dumber than the box.
Every decision she made was the wrong one.
It's books/leads like this that give Harlequin the bad rep.

This was a great book! Still very soap operahish but an excellent plot!! Had me roped in right away.
I was actually prepared to be disappointed cause this book got awful reviews, but apparently the people reading this book must not be familiar with Harlequin books cause if they were they would realize that this one was awesome!!

The book starts out with Fritzi waking up the morning after her wedding night, thinking about the great night she just had with her new husband David and looking forward to him waking so she could surprise him with the news of her pregnancy.
She rolls over to discover him gone.
She gets up and soon discovers that he has left and took EVERYTHING with him.
Even the pictures she had framed of the two of them together sitting on the dresser.

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