Loosely based on the traditional plot line, When Beauty Tamed the Beast is a quirky and fanciful version with a likeable society belle heroine and a cynical nobleman doctor hero as protagonists and a remote country estate in Regency era Wales as backdrop James s writing was smooth and engaging as ever, infused with humour and zest, and her dialogues and banter shone as usual, so my lower rating stems from elsewhere Mainly from the fact that I found the melodramatic turn the events took in the last quarter of the book completely at odds with the light hearted, almost farcical, tone set at the beginning, making for an uneven read The secondary characters and romance not as interesting and the hero s stubbornness which started to sound entirely gratuitous approaching the end, also prevented me to fully savour Beauty and the Beast if the Beast was House M.
, and Beauty was hilariously snarky I totally loved this Even better than this retelling It was a close race Beauty is Linnet She gets ruined by a prince because she wears an unfortunate dress that makes her look preggers It doesn t matter if it s true or not, according to the ton, she is done Her only choice is to marry a Duke, who is a brilliant doctor, and is nicknamed the Beast He is supposedly impotent, so her fake little princely bun in the oven is her ticket to a nice sham of a marriage It s perfect It sure helps Beast is Piers He s hilariously grouchy and brilliant and an asshole His caustic, condescending manner makes people cower before him.
But, he meets his match with Linnet She can dish it out just as well as him, and she s not scared in the least bitS bast Linnet Berry Thrynne Is A Beauty Naturally, She S Betrothed To A BeastPiers Yelverton, Earl Of Marchant, Lives In A Castle In Wales Where, It Is Rud, His Bad Temper Flays Everyone He Crosses And Rumor Also Has It That A Wound Has Left The Earl Immune To The Charms Of Any WomanLinnet Is Not Just Any WomanShe Is Than Merely Lovely Her Wit And Charm Brought A Prince To His Knees She Estimates The Earl Will Fall Madly In Love In Just Two WeeksYet Linnet Has Download Epub Format ¶ When Beauty Tamed the Beast PDF by » Eloisa James No Idea Of The Danger Posed To Her Own Heart By A Man Who May Never Love Her In ReturnIf She Decides To Be Very Wicked Indeed What Price Will She Pay For Taming His Wild Heart Just what the doctor ordered I m a big fan of historical romance novels, but admittedly the genre can become a bit tedious due to storylines and characters who are confined to the particular roles and behaviors of their era I ve read just about every kind of historical romance, from those of the light and fluffy variety to those that leave my emotions in a tattered mess Well, I m happy to say that When Beauty Tamed the Beast struck a perfect balance of both, and was an absolute pleasure to read It wasn t an angsty story at all, and I found myself constantly smiling and frequently even laughing out loud at their ridiculous banter The dialog throughout the book was priceless with such sarcasm and dry humor that I just couldn t wait for the next confrontation to take place And while it was a very funny read, my heart ached for b I am so clearly on the Eloisa James kick.
People complained that this series is not historically accurate It s called Fairy tales That s a clue This was so much fun Light, funny, witty, it s a story of a beautiful girl who, through unfortunate circumstances, is unable to find a suitable match Her only hope of matrimony is being married to the Earl of Marchant, who is a grumpy, lame, brilliant doctor with deep dislike of his father, society, and the idea of being wed He s basically a hot version of House, reimagined as an English lord and she is the kind of woman who won t tolerate any of his nonsense.
She is shipped off to his castle Hijinks ensue.
My goal was to read as many Beauty and Beast retellings as possible before I went to see the new movie However, with all the book club reads and personal reads I was able to only read two I read Beauty by Robin McKinley and this book I looked up available Beauty and the Beast stories at the my library and this book popped up, so I thought, why not This book was nothing like the original story of Beauty and the Beast Miss Linnet Berry Thrynne is beautiful, so she is called beauty every once in a while However, rumors start that she is pregnant with the prince s baby so she becomes an unwanted woman Her father agrees to have her married off to Piers Yelverton Piers Yelverton, Earl of Marchant, lives in a castle in Wales that is turned into a hospital he is a doctor He has a bad temper and he has a severe wound to his leg that has left him as a Ï When Beauty Tamed the Beast Å If you like Dr House in TV, you ll probably enjoy this book too The hero is exactly like House, the same aching leg and dry wit that drives some people insane and some women like flies to honey I belong to the second group because honestly I think there is nothing sexier than a man with brains, provided that he s not only using his wits to laugh at others, but also to laugh at himself.
I also liked the heroine a lot Linnet was as sarcastic and intelligent as House Piers himself, thus resulting in many humorous dialogues that had me laughing out loud all the time And then, as the end neared the tone of the book changed It becameemotional, angsty even, as misunderstandings and self denials threatened to tear those two apart I understand why many people didn t like this turn of even 5 stars Historical RomanceAfter reading three books by Eloisa James that left me less than wowed, I was wary about reading another one But the premise for this sounded great and all the rave reviews convinced me to give it a try Boy oh boy, I m so glad that I did because it s fabulousand yes, it wowed me I loved it Sarcastic, snarky humor, witty banter, and snappy dialogue Check A feisty, funny, intelligent, lovable heroine with razor sharp wit who gives just as good as she gets Check A crass, crotchety, cranky, self centered, borderline mean, disabled, brilliant doctor hero who somehow manages to be likeable, amusing, and even sexy, despite his insufferably rude, general pain in the ass demeanor Check A refreshing, un

When Beauty Tamed the Beast was an okay read for me I enjoyed the audio version but I didn t really care much for the hero or heroine There was just something about both of them that was off putting to me I didn t connect to them and in turn didn t connect to their love story It wasn t a bad read it just didn t do it for me Once upon a time.
looks at calendar not to long ago A reviewer named Rane picked up the second in a fairy tale series Rane enjoyed the first book in the series, and looked forward to next, and thankfully wasn t disappointed or shed tears in her little reviewer corner.
or write her displeasure in this review saved her keyboard from the heartache of pounding keys And with joy Rane was able to bestowstars along with others on this great little tale Rane, a true lover of the story of the Beauty and the Beast, and looked forward with glee at what this author had in store The Beauty named Linnet was sassy and smart, with her beautyof a curse then a blessing, and when gossip cast her and her family in dreadful shadow of doubt all that s left is for her to marry and quick, and perhaps fake having a prince s baby along the way for good measure Of course this d

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