Sehr Interessant und jeder Cent wert.
Die meisten Leute wissen nicht was Geld ist Wenn man dieses Buch liest, dann wird man ein bisschen schlauer This book should be required reading for politicians, policy makers and economists, whose models still ignore banks and fail us It clearly explains the surprising fact that it s private banks that create money, not governments or central banks The only money the central bank can print is paper money which is now only a couple of per cent of the money supply The book also puts to bed the widely held myth that the source of bank loans is the deposits of savers Far from it Banks create credit by the simple and cost free act of an entry in an electronic register.
This, of course, is the opposite to how the general public not to mention politicians, policy makers and economists sees the money system working In fact, it sounds so unlikely that it seems a little conspiratorial But it s fact and this book, supported by sources including central banks themselves, he How new money is created is widely misunderstood This book provides a well researched, authoritative, and readable account of how the monetary system currently works in the United Kingdom, a description which in its general outline is applicable to the United States and to most other advanced economies in the world as well The authors central conclusion is that almost all money in general circulation today 97% is created by commercial banks when they extend credit, either through making loans or buying existing assets.
This book s analysis is neither radical nor new The book Where Does Money Come From was recently cited in the Quarterly Bulletin 2014 Q1 of the Bank of England s Monetary Analysis Directorate, and its central conclusion was corroborated If you are interested in finding outabout this, search for bank of england and mon

The best condensed primer on what the financial structure consists of in terms of actual functionality instead of abstract theory which has proved to be misleading in the extreme Banks don t lend from funds collected from depositors They create money out of nothing Theory says this is what is called fractional reserve banking Nothing doing This is a deception That s what the financial system is An edifice constructed out of blind trust on the part of those who prefer ignorance on the one hand and those who on a daily basis take advantage of that trust to stuff their pockets with ill gotten gain on the other read all about it here.
Outstanding book on the truth about banking and money.
Where Does Money Come From? (English Edition) Þ This books gives a very clear down to basic description of how the British system works Should be mandatory reading in any democratic society Does Money Come From Reveals How, Contrary To Public Perception, The Bulk Of Today S Money Supply Is Created And Allocated By Commercial Banks In Their Role As Providers Of Credit The Authors Argue That This System Is Inherently Unstable, With Little Effective Regulation Of How Much Credit Is Provided Or Whether It Is Used For Productive Or Speculative Purposes Based On Detailed Research And Consultation With Experts, Including From The Bank Of England, Where Does Money Come From Reviews Theoretical And Historical Debates ò read ¿ Where Does Money Come From? (English Edition) by Josh Ryan Collins Ì On The Nature Of Money And Banking And Explains The Role Of The Central Bank, The Government And The European Union This Second Edition Includes New Sections On Libor And Quantitative Easing In The UK And The Sovereign Debt Crisis In EuropePraise For Where Does Money Come From Refreshing And Clear The Way Monetary Economics And Banking Is Taught In Many Maybe Most Universities Is Very Misleading And What This Book Does Is Help People Explain How The Mechanics Of The System WorkDavid Miles, Monetary Policy Committee, Bank Of EnglandIt Is Amazing That Than A Century After Hartley Witherss The Meaning Of Money AndYears After Keyness Treatise On Money, The Fundamentals Of How Banks Create Money Still Need To Be Explained Yet There Plainly Is Such A Need, And This Book Meets That Need, With Clear Exposition And Expert Marshalling Of The Relevant Facts Warmly Recommended To The Simply Curious, The Socially Concerned, Students And Those Who Believe Themselves Experts, Alike Everyone Can Learn From ItVictoria Chick, Emeritus Professor Of Economics, University College London I Used Where Does Money Come From As The Core Text On My Second Year Undergraduate Module In Money And Banking The Students Loved It Not Only Does It Present A Clear Alternative To The Standard Textbook View Of Money, But Argues It Clearly And Simply With Detailed Attention To The Actual Behaviour And Functioning Of The Banking System Highly Recommended For Teaching The Subject Dr Andy Denis, Director Of Undergraduate Studies, Economics Department, City University, London

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