As we walk through life, we sometimes fail to give a voice to the sharp thorned bramble that attaches itself and clings to our very being In Wild Game, Adrienne Brodeur reflects upon the very disjointed and convoluted relationship with her mother, Malabar Whether with full conscience or inadvertently, we tend to leave fingerprints of our own shortcomings and quirks on the minds of our children We will come to find that Malabar opened it all full throttle.
Fourteen is a tender age of becoming We search through trial and error to place our feet upon the unsteady ground of adolescence And this is where the uneven relationship rears its jagged head in regard to Adrienne Rennie and Malabar Malabar wakes Rennie from a sound sleep with a bizarre telling of being kissed that evening by The comparisons to THE GLASS CASTLE are deserved Not since that book have we had a memoir that is this richly observed, full of poignant detail and heart stopping sentences Don t miss this one.
Why I love itby Jessica TurnerI m not a big nonfiction reader, but I devoured Wild Game pun intended As a mother of three kids, I m acutely aware of the role I have in their life and appreciate the sacred gift to usher them into adulthood Maybe that explains my shock and utter dismay over this true story of the author Adrienne s relationship with her mother, Malabar The ways in which Malabar repeatedly crossed lines that should never be crossed was unconscionable.
In Wild Game, Malabar pursues an affair with her disabled husband s best friend, using her daughter, Adrienne, as a distraction, confidante, and accomplice to keep her relationship a secret and ensure its success Adrienne s desire to protect her mother a deeply flawed but undenia

8 This flimsy memoir about a mother daughter relationship was a painless, but hollow reading experience I felt some sympathy for the confusion the author experienced but was mostly detached Takeaway You needthan messed up mother to create a memorable memoir.
Disclaimer The publisher sent me an ARC Brodeur writers in her preface that a buried truth, that s all a lie really is The sentence could be used to describethan a lie but also family relationships All families have secrets and all families are unhappy in entirely different ways, and despite how Tolstoy started that saying, I will even say all happy families are so in different ways in fact, you can be a happy and unhappy family at the same time For instance, if you could travel back in time and ask half a dozen people at that point in their lives, if their family was happy, then they might answer yes But ask them as adults, and they might say no It is easy reading Brodeur s memoir about her mother and her mother s affair to groan in despair as Brodeur s mother Mal Loved it Malabar, the mother, is the most complicated character I ve experienced in quite some time Her actions are so hard to accept, yet the writing itself demonstrates the love of her daughter, and this draws the reader in, too This storytelling so ably demonstrates the way family relationships shift and change over time Remarkable accomplishment, rife with secrets so human I felt kind of like an accomplice, myself.
õ Wild Game ↠´ I had the excellent fortune of receiving an ARC of Adrienne Brodeur s masterful memoir I keep referring to it as a novel because, honestly, I m not a huge fan of memoir and this narrator this story drew me into a different world with fascinating characters Brodeur writes about her manipulative bigger than life mother with such love and tenderness She also writes about her younger self with the tenderness of a mother Trust me, you want to pre order this October release and put it on your book club calendar Find out why 14 publishers fought over this gem Daughter S Tale Of Living In The Thrall Of Her Magnetic, Complicated Mother, And The Chilling Consequences Of Her Complicity On A Hot July Night On Cape Cod When Adrienne Was Fourteen, Her Mother, Malabar, Woke Her At Midnight With Five Simple Words That Would Set The Course Of Both Of Their Lives For Years To Come Ben Souther Just Kissed Me Adrienne Instantly Became Her Mother S Confidante And Helpmate, Blossoming In The Sudden Light Of Her Attention, And From Then On, [Adrienne Brodeur] à Wild Game [musician-erotica PDF] Ebook Epub Download à Malabar Came To Rely On Her Daughter To Help Orchestrate What Would Become An Epic Affair With Her Husband S Closest Friend The Affair Would Have Calamitous Consequences For Everyone Involved, Impacting Adrienne S Life In Profound Ways, Driving Her Into A Precarious Marriage Of Her Own, And Then Into A Deep Depression Only Years Later Will She Find The Strength To Embrace Her Life And Her Mother On Her Own Terms Wild Game Is A Brilliant, Timeless Memoir About How The People Close To Us Can Break Our Hearts Simply Because They Have Access To Them, And The Lies We Tell In Order To Justify The Choices We Make It S A Remarkable Story Of Resilience, A Reminder That We Need Not Be The Parents Our Parents Were To Us Tell me what it s like, I said, even though we d had this conversation before and I d witnessed firsthand how the volatile forces of passion and infidelity had give my mother exuberance I just loved to hear her talk about itPg 42Would you give up your life if you thought it would make your parents happy Adrienne was too young to debate this question when her mother confided in her about the blossoming affair with her husband s best friend She spent the next 10 years devoting herself to helping her mother in every aspect of her secret relationship How similar is the pattern between our actions and our parents Adrienne was fortunately able to break the pattern between her mother, and her mother s mother, of the selfish and narcissistic relationships But not first before lying to everyone she cared about Cheating on multiple partners and pursuing men who were involved in rel

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