↠´ Yokai Museum: The Art of Japanese Supernatural Beings from Yumoto Koichi Collection Ò Wonderful illustrations Well put together collection.
Are A Class Of Supernatural Monsters In Japanese Folklore Yokai Have Attracted The Artists And Have Been A Common Theme In Art Works Until These Days Because Of Their Unique Forms And Their Mysterious BehavioursThis Book Is A Visual Collection Of Art Works Of Yokai In Japan Since The Edo Period The Works Are Not Only Paintings But Also Wood Block Prints, Ceramics, Kimonos, Children S Playthings Such As Board Games, And All Items That Are Featured In The Book Come Trailer ↠´ Yokai Museum: The Art of Japanese Supernatural Beings from Yumoto Koichi Collection PDF by ã Koichi Yumoto From Personal Collections By Koichi Yumoto, Who Has The Largest Yokai Art Collection In Japan I saw this book in a store for a really expensive price and it was in all English, so I was really happy to have found the same book here on for less and in a bilingual version The text is in both English and Japanese so it looks really cool The book is pretty thick and the quality of it is amazing The paper is thick and smells pretty darn good I love that fresh book smell The pictures are crystal clear and they re so colorful Moving onto the actual content of the book I read this book during the day and with other people around me, I refuse to open it at night The book contains pictures of actual artwork from the Yokai Museum in Japan The artwork are from early periods, so they aren t modern or anything, they are traditional They reminded me of the enemies and artwork from the videogame Okami which is the reason why I wanted this book so bad The artwork have stories and descr

A great reference for drawing.
awesome book on the subject

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